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3 ways to apply your transferrable skills

3 Ways To Apply Your Transferrable Skills Infographic

May 31st, 2017 - Posted by-Jordan

Take Your Careers Transferrable Skills You Have Gained & Use Them To Start A New Career

In a previous post, we outlined the steps you need to take when looking to apply your transferrable skills to a new position.

Have you thought about changing career streams part way through your career but felt held back because of the fear of having to start at the bottom all over again?

This fear can often lead people into being content with the status queue of their job. And the fear and stress keeps them in a position they are not happy in. The stress can have effects on multiple areas of their life including their mental and emotional health. This in itself is a big topic and one to be explored further in the future.

The objective of todays post is help to outline steps to make changing careers easier. You see, it’s not as scary as one might think to make the leap from one career path to another once you know the steps. Assuming you are in a place where you are ready for a career change, this post is especially helpful for you.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps!

3 ways to apply your transferrable skills

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