Two Major Differences between Legal Assistants and Paralegals


Legal Administrative Assistant Training Wondering what the difference is between a paralegal and a legal assistant? You're not alone. There is sometimes a bit of overlap between the responsibilities handled by professionals with these titles. Throughout much of Canada, some places will even use both titles interchangeably. However, since 2007, Ontario has regulated the paralegal profession, [...]

3 Interview Questions to Prepare for After Medical Office Assistant Training


Calm your pre-interview jitters and better your odds of landing a job as a medical office assistant by preparing for these three common questions. An aging population indicates the need for more doctors, and an increase of doctors implies that there will be a need for more medical office assistants to help run things. But [...]

3 Things for Students in Accounting Administration School to Know About IFRS


The IFRS helps regulate the financial reporting of public companies in Canada. Here’s what students in accounting administration school need to know! Is there a way for companies and organizations around the globe to have unified accounting practices and standards? It’s a question that aspiring accounting administrators may have wondered, and fortunately, there’s an answer. [...]

Back to School in the New Year!


How to relax in a time of so many changes! We would like to extend our warmest of welcomes in this cold new year. It's very exciting for all of us to see so many new smiles around our campus and we are looking forward to getting to know all of you on this next [...]

Growing Careers in Ontario & How CCHST Can Help You!


With the recent Labour Market Data in Ontario, CCHST is here to help you get career ready! In order to bring you the most relevant training programs and career paths, Canadian College of Health, Science and Technology is always looking for the most current labour market information available. With recent updates from the government and third [...]

How To Use Your Transferrable Career Skills To Land Your Next Job


Take The Career Skills You Have Gained & Use Them To Start A New Career Have you thought about changing career streams part way through your career but felt held back because of the fear of having to start at the bottom all over again? This fear can often lead people into being content with the [...]

Find Your Right Career Match Type For Long Lasting Career Happiness


Be Happy With Your Job With The Right Career Match Finding the right career is a lot like finding your soul mate. You want to make sure that it's something you are interested in and genuinely like. You don't want to find out a few weeks in to a new career that it's just not working. Breakups [...]

How To Become A Physiotherapy Assistant: A Simple Guide


Free Guide On How To Become A Physiotherapy Assistant For most of us who have been to a physiotherapists office before, you have probably had a Physiotherapy Assistant help you with your treatment. They were there to help you while you are having your appointment or perhaps provide some education. They play a vital role in [...]

5 Traits Employers Look For In Personal Support Workers


5 Traits Employers Look For In Personal Support Workers In Windsor, Ontario Do You Have The Traits Employers Look For In Personal Support Workers? Have you thought about starting a career as a Personal Support Worker but were unsure of the skills and traits employers look for when hiring? Each job posting is a bit different [...]

Accounting Administrator Career Paths


Accounting Administrators Can Choose From A Variety Of Career Paths Accounting Administrators have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of positions and industries throughout Windsor, Ontario and the rest of Canada. The role pays between $15 - $25/hour and career path with stability and regular hours. 1. Accounting Administrators Can Work As A Bookkeeper [...]

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