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3 Interview Questions to Prepare for After Medical Office Assistant Training

3 Interview Questions to Prepare for After Graduating From Medical Office Assistant Training In Windsor, Ontario

An aging population indicates the need for more doctors, and an increase of doctors implies that there will be a need for more medical office assistants to help run things. But even with plenty of jobs open and great medical office assistant training available to prepare you for them, the interview process to land the job you want can be stressful.

Nothing tops preparation to help overcome interview anxiety, which is why we’ve picked three questions you’re likely to be asked once you begin interviewing for jobs after medical office assistant training, and have given our thoughts on how best to answer them. A little thought and rehearsal and you’ll be well situated to gain a rewarding career in a medical office.

1. Tell Us About a Difficult Encounter You Had During Your Medical Office Assistant Program

Medical offices can be stressful environments, so employers will want to ensure their hires work well under pressure. If you complete a work placement as a medical office assistant (as is required by Canadian College’s Medical Office Assistant Training Program), it’s likely you will have a difficult experience with an irate, upset, or confused patient.

To answer this question, describe your handling of the situation in as positive of a light as you can, without lying. You want to establish yourself as someone with good judgement, who can remain calm and compassionate in the face of extreme emotion, and who can effectively deliver—and repeat—necessary information to concerned parties.

2. Why Do You Want to Work As A Medical Office Assistant?

This common question is best answered by describing the work as a set of challenges you love and are uniquely qualified to handle. Doing so tells the interviewer you are aware of and like the challenges of the business, and lets them know that you are up to solving them.

Generally, interviewers will want to know that an assistant can keep operations running smoothly, and can also do a good job helping patients—both things that medical office assistant training helps prepare you for. Mention that you enjoy the challenges of office administration—be specific if you can—and that you love helping people. And the more enthusiastic you seem, the better. Most employers want to know you’ll be happy while at work.

3. What Did You Find to be Your Greatest Weakness During Medical Office Assistant Training?

It’s likely that your interviewer will ask you to mention your greatest weakness, and contrary to what some online advice claims, it is not a good idea to try and present a strength as a weakness. Doing so makes you seem phony, and as though you lack self-awareness.

To impress, plan ahead and try to identify a real, relatively minor flaw in yourself while completing your medical office assistant course. Maybe you perform badly when micromanaged, or lose focus when doing repetitive tasks for hours.  Mention your chosen weakness, and then volunteer the steps you have taken or will take to remedy it. Be honest, and relate the weakness in a way that paints yourself in a still-favourable light, and you’ll stand out as someone who knows themselves and who works toward self-improvement—both great qualities to have in an employee.

With a bit of effort to prepare, you should have little trouble relaying your compassion, capability, and thoughtfulness to a prospective employer, putting you on the right track to a great career in a medical office.


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