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3 Job Interview Questions You Might be Asked After Completing Your PSW Course

3 Job Interview Questions You Might be Asked After Graduating From Your PSW Course In Windsor, Ontario

Personal Support Worker (PSW) training prepares students for the challenging but rewarding occupation of providing long-term care and support services for the elderly or those that are physically or mentally challenged in some way. Students at Canadian College of Health, Science and Technology in Windsor earn a comprehensive PSW education from supportive faculty who are practicing professionals, using practice labs with the latest technology and gaining valuable hands-on experience with an 11-week clinical placement.

After only 7 months, graduates have earned a Level III certificate to begin their career, pursuing employment opportunities that may include homecare agencies, nursing homes, community living, or other government agencies. Canada’s aging population and retiring PSWs mean that there is high demand for PSW graduates—but how do students transition to this rewarding career path?

Fortunately, Canadian College offers a full range of accessible services that empower students to meet their employment goals, such as relevant career and education events, career counselling, and workshops. When you get the interview to that dream job, our specialized counsellors can help you succeed. The best way to prepare for interviews is to anticipate what questions they may ask you.

Here are three interview questions you might be asked.

1. How Would You Deal with Hypothetical Issues After Your PSW Course?

Potential employers are most often looking to see how candidates would handle specific issues that may arise on the job to determine whether they’d be a good fit for their organization. They are seeking PSWs that treat clients with empathy, patience, and compassion. You might be asked, for example, how you would deliver personal care while maintaining a client’s dignity and respect.

The key is to highlight your communication skills along with your understanding of typical PSW duties. Provide an example if not given one already to illustrate your response.

You may also be asked what you would do if a client falls, about the restraint policy for clients in wheelchairs, or about handling problematic residents. Recall your personal support worker training and go over relevant policies before your interview.

2. How Would You Resolve a Conflict with Your Co-Worker?

In many workplace environments, PSWs function as a team and must work together harmoniously. Interviewers understandably want to avoid conflict between co-workers and so are likely to ask how you resolved past conflicts with co-workers or how you would handle an argument. Even if you have never experienced disagreements of this kind before, it’s still important that you convey how you value respect and tolerance.

Consider examples from previous work experiences, preferably in positions of responsibility, demonstrating how you have supported and listened to colleagues as you worked towards positive outcomes. You may emphasize that you have never been involved in conflicts with co-workers but would try to first calmly listen to the concerns of the co-worker in private, away from the residents and family.

3. How does your Personal Support Worker Training Qualify You for This Position?

From your resume, interviewers will know that you have recently completed your PSW training and graduated with your diploma. As a result, you may be asked relatively open questions that are opportunities to highlight the skills and knowledge you have acquired in your PSW course.

Focus on specific aspects of the CCHST curriculum and anecdotes from your practical experience during your clinical placement. You may also be asked to reveal your understanding of resident rights, infection control, and other duties you might encounter on the job. Just remember to highlight what you learned during your PSW training as well as the hands-on experience you received.

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