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3 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Pursue Accounting Training in Windsor

3 Great Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Pursue Accounting Training in Windsor

There is no better time than now to pursue accounting training in the beautiful city of Windsor. With a population of a little over 200,000, Windsor has a small city community vibe but is still large enough to find adventure in. According to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Windsor’s economy is growing as of late, which is great for those with accounting training because businesses, no matter the sector, need professionals who can process invoices, accounts, budgets, financial records and bills effectively and efficiently.

Read on to discover why pursuing accounting training in Windsor is a great move for your future career.

1. The Job Market in Windsor Is Thriving For Those with Accounting Training

Once you’ve graduated from your accounting and payroll administrator program, you will have the hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge to successfully enter the job market, which will be made easier due to recent shifts in Windsor’s job market climate. The Canadian Job Bank rates the employment potential for those in the accounting and auditing field for the Windsor-Sarnia region as two out of three stars, citing the large number of employees that are set to retire shortly. It also rates the employment potential for those entering the field of ‘accounting bookkeeping’ in the Windsor-Sarnia region as good—the highest rating the Canadian government gives. Additionally, according to Statistics Canada, Ontario in general employs 37% of all Canadians employed in accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services, making Windsor and the greater Ontario region great places to job search after completing accounting training.

2. Ontario’s Government Might Pick Up the Tab for Your Accounting Training

Recently, the Ontario Government unveiled new higher education budget plans that have been hailed as the ‘most radical in decades’, allowing students who earn less than $50,000 a year access to grants that will cover the entirety of their tuition costs. You heard that right—there can be zero cost for your higher education in Ontario. This budget change almost completely abolishes the existence of any financial barriers that students may have experienced when trying to access programs at Ontario’s colleges or universities. Increasing the availability of grant money and loans makes this the perfect time to enroll in accounting school and make your way into the thriving job market in Windsor.

3. Accounting School Provides the Right Training for a Rewarding Career

The accounting and payroll administrator program at Canadian College involves 770 total hours of flexible class time that features supportive one-on-one instruction and a 6-week internship. The internship placement is an effective way to gain industry contacts, build confidence in your craft, and hone your real-world skills. This experience is invaluable for graduates hoping to land a rewarding position.

At the end of your diploma, you will also be granted an IPBC – Certified Professional Bookkeepers™ designation, a testament to your new skills in payroll management and bank reconciliation, among other things, which will ensure that employers can trust in your abilities to work with their most intimate financial records.

Not only does Windsor have a thriving job market for those in accounting related fields, it has one of the best accounting and payroll administrator programs in the country to help you get a job quickly—it doesn’t take an accounting wiz to figure out that all this information adds up to a bright future for graduates!

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