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3 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Pursue Technical Support Training

3 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Pursue Technical Support Training in Windsor

Technology and innovation have weaved their way into nearly all aspects of everyday life in Canada and it shows no signs of slowing down. According to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, mobile data traffic will grow 600% in the country by 2020. With this changing consumer behaviour comes new demand for skilled technical support workers and similar roles.

The needs of the workforce have been changing so rapidly that education systems are working hard to keep up. One of the most in-demand careers in Canada right now is technical support analyst, which might also be called computer support specialist. These professionals assist clients with resolving technical issues that might arise when using a specific company’s products. They may also establish, operate, maintain, and install software or hardware used in wireless networks.

As Windsor emerges as a popular destination for new information and communication technology companies, now is an ideal time to pursue technical support training. Here are three good reasons why!

1. Changing Canadian Society Creating New Tech Demand

The popularization of software as a service and the commoditization of technology in general is one factor leading to demand for additional analyst support. Of course, the sheer magnitude of new technology on the market and its growing importance in day-to-day life cannot be ignored. With so much technology at our fingertips, the challenge becomes ensuring that it operates seamlessly with dependable support readily available in case clients are having trouble using it.

Technical support analysts answer this call by working on site or remotely to address information technology (IT) problems, perhaps working with the public or assisting knowledgeable skilled workers, such as engineers, to operate specific equipment. They might help clients operate proprietary software or databases. Working with companies, the challenge is often less in the implementation but rather how to make the technology run as efficiently as possible to meet particular business needs.

2. IT Certifications Available with Technical Support Training

In technical support training, students gain the necessary knowledge to implement system architecture, from analysis and design through to installation and management. They acquire the specific skills for analyzing IT requirements and then installing and configuring the appropriate infrastructure to deliver business solutions. A core employability benefit of this training is the resulting accreditation as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.

Support analysts with specialized certifications are likely to earn a higher income and have greater career options available. At Canadian College of Health, Science and Technology (CCHST), besides their college diploma, students are trained to earn several certifications. Graduates are prepared to write Microsoft’s MCSE, MCSA, CompTIA’s A+, and CompTIA’s Network+ certification exams.

3. Expanding Career Opportunities with a Technical Support Diploma

As Canada transitions even further to a knowledge-based economy, existing technology companies are expanding to meet demand and new businesses are appearing. There is no end to new technologies being introduced to market. Downtown Windsor is one example of a city gradually being transformed by an influx of exciting new tech companies.

Students pursuing a technical support diploma have the opportunity to learn amidst this stimulating environment with extensive on-site lab training and field placement. With this practical education as well as internship experience, grads are equipped to apply their skills in a growing number of related career opportunities.

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