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3 Ways The Office Administrator Makes Your Life Easier

An Effective Office Administrator Is The Secret Weapon Of A Good Organization

If you have spent any time working for a company, you will no doubt get to know the Office Administrator. And if you step back to watch them work for a minute, you will quickly notice they are the secret weapon of a good company. Office Administrators seem to know how to:

  • get things done when there is a ton of distraction around
  • what’s going on in everyone’s schedule
  • know why someone is in a certain mood
  • can hold a conversation while they have eight other balls in the air that they are juggling effortlessly.

I have often said to myself an effective Office Administrator is the backbone of a company. Without them, a company will fall apart quickly. In my opinion, this person or people are the most important in the organization. They are the boots to the ground, hands-on warriors who get things done.

An effective Office Administrator serves as the Gatekeeper

One of the key tasks in this role is to act as the gatekeeper to everyone in the organization. The term was originally coined in 1947 by Kurt Lewin as it related to food related decisions for a household. Today, it is much the same in an organization. It is up to the Office Administrator, which forces are allowed to pass through. For example, a salesperson calls and asks to speak to the manager. It is up to the Administrator to determine if they should let this person pass through the gate. It is their job to protect the time of the Manager and ensure the Managers time is not being wasted by unwanted phone calls. Effective Office Administrators qualify phone calls through a series of questions before transferring the call.

An effective Office Administrator keeps things organized & running

Office Administrators are good at juggling multiple tasks. I don’t know how many times I emerged from my office to see the office admin

  • answering calls
  • taking questions at the front desk from customers
  • checking something in the computer system
  • grabbing a file

The list of activities going on spells exhaustion. I never know how they did it. But, somehow they keep it all organized and running. Anytime I had a question, answers came quickly. Due to their ability to multitask, Office Administrators serve as the hub of the organization. They connect:

  • employees to managers
  • employees to other employees
  • customers to the company
  • vendors to staff

I think the secret is they rely on systems. Because of these systems, they are able to flow from one task to the next without skipping a beat. Each system supports every department in the organization and provides an optimal customer experience.

An effective Office Administrator knows the operations of the company

As mentioned in the last section, Office Administrators are the hub of an organization. They are at the heart of all operations in the company. In any given day, they are taking in phone calls for each department, know who is in the office and who is out, send and receive confidential documents, talk with customers and the list goes on. Due to their knowledge of the organization allows them to answer everyone’s questions and predict what events are happening next.

Windsor Employers Want Office Administrators

Office Administrators are critical to an organizations success. Without them, the organization would quickly be in disarray and would have the potential to run amuck. Due to their importance, Admins are in need in every organization. In Windsor alone, there are 90+ positions based on a recent search on Indeed.ca. Most positions were advertising starting wages between $16-20/hour. Becoming an Office Administrator, allows for career diversity as you can work in almost any industry as the position is universal. There are postings for Office Administrators, Office Assistants, Receptionists, Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants.


In conclusion based on the above, Office Administrators are the secret weapon for an organization. Becoming an Office Administrator allows for career diversity and endless opportunities. And to learn more about an Office Administrator career, contact us today or you can learn more about the Office Administrator program and see if it is right for you.

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