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30% Off Tuition Grant for Canadian College Students now Available

30% Off Tuition Grant for Canadian College Windsor Students now Available

“This grant will make a difference in the lives of eligible career college students, which include sole-support parents, unemployed workers, recent high school graduates, newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities and aboriginal people,” said Tremain.


Career Colleges Ontario (CCO) welcomes the government’s recent announcement to expand eligibility for the 30% Off Tuition Grant to include post-secondary students attending Career Colleges in Ontario.


This decision supports the right of individuals to thoroughly research their post-secondary options and choose the educational programs that best fit their personal and academic needs. Each year, over 67,000 students choose career colleges in order to master the hands-on skills required to enter and re-enter the workforce in a timely manner.


CCO Board Chair Dean Tremain said the expansion of the grant will benefit a wide range of students.


CCO is a not-for-profit association representing over 270 registered career colleges and their students.

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