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  • Finding balance between student life and personal life can be a challenge. Balance can become overwhelming if healthy living and wellness aren’t factored into the overall equation. Individuals can posses a variety of different roles. A student often wears many different hats: partner, worker, friend, classmate, etc. Often times these roles are in conflict, and a student must be able to adapt to the variety of factors and assessing priorities. Below are 4 steps to successfully achieve the balance between student life and personal life. 1. Keep an Updated Schedule Keeping a schedule is a perfect way to keep yourself in check within a busy day. Keeping an updated schedule is even better! Studies find students that keep a schedule are more successful than those who do not. Studies also show that those who keep more than one kind of schedule are even more successful. There are 3 common schedules all students should have to help keep the balance in their lives. Those are a term (semester) schedule, a weekly schedule and a daily schedule. Each schedule tells the student something different. For example; the term schedule lets the student know of all the events, tests, and other on going occurrences that will be happening within the term, giving time to prepare. A weekly schedule includes only the events happening that week and a daily schedule obtains the events happening in that day. These schedules should be in a place where the student can see them on a regular basis such as a locker, binder, agenda or on the fridge at home. 2. Follow the Schedule Following the schedule equals better balance, it is that simple! It is one thing to make a schedule but another to actually follow it. Make those schedules mentioned above your everyday life. Keeping to those schedules enable balance in your everyday life. These schedules also you to plan ahead for either your student life or personal life. Schedules also help you to stay organized between the two. It may seem like a process to create the schedules however, in the long run it saves you time, headache and stress. 3. Budget your Time You budget your finances on a daily basis so why not your time. Understand that this is the investment RIGHT NOW! When it comes to balancing understand that going to school is where it is all at for the time being. School comes first. Successfully completing school leads to better things to come. When balancing your daily life remember that school is only a short time of your life so make the most of it and focus on the here and now. And that now is school. 4. Spend Time with your Family Finding the right support system makes finding balance easy and obtainable. Spending time with family not only enhances balance but also helps with de-stressing. “The secret to life is finding the right balance to everything you do…” -Anonymous

Finding Balance


Finding Balance2020-11-11T14:31:36-05:00

Four Reasons Why You Deserve Post-Secondary Education.


So many people in the world have decided not to go back to school and earn the quality of life they deserve. They continue working their jobs without that education that they dreamed of achieving only to settle for less. The truth is no one has to settle for less. Four [...]

Four Reasons Why You Deserve Post-Secondary Education.2020-03-11T13:00:44-04:00

4 Reasons Why You Didn’t Pass That Test


It's not the end of the world... yet. Rarely, no matter how hard you study, you cannot seem to reach that passing grade. In most cases, it is not the end of the world and there is plenty of time to redeem yourself. Now take a breath. In order to make sure that you pass [...]

4 Reasons Why You Didn’t Pass That Test2020-03-11T12:36:52-04:00



The Fantastic Brooke Garvey Brooke Garvey is one of CCHST’s treasured Almuni. After graduating from the RMT program, she was quick to find her place in a local business and gain her experience. She worked for approximately 11 years at her job before realizing she needed more of a challenge. That is when [...]


Become A Massage Therapist For Your Future Career


What Is Massage Therapy? Massage therapy is a clinically-oriented healthcare option that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with every day occupational stresses. For example, muscular over-use and many chronic pain conditions. In specific, it is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy can be [...]

Become A Massage Therapist For Your Future Career2019-10-09T07:43:46-04:00

Administrative Careers In The Law Field


Future Career In Law Have you ever thought about a career in law? If so, there are several rewarding careers in law for those who don’t necessarily want to be lawyers. Two common options are working as a paralegal or as a legal assistant. In this short blog, we will glance over the main differences [...]

Administrative Careers In The Law Field2019-07-24T14:18:23-04:00

Office Administrator’s Add Value For All Businesses


Office Administrator Skills That Add The Most Value It’s no secret – office administrators add value for all businesses in competitive industries. And, attracting and retaining the best people can literally make or break your business. In addition, the best companies know that in order to win, you have to create a culture of engagement [...]

Office Administrator’s Add Value For All Businesses2019-07-03T14:00:46-04:00

Choosing Your Future Education Institution


Choosing your future education institution shouldn't be difficult. While no one should decide for you whether a post-secondary institution or trade school is the best fit for your education, there are several factors to consider when deciding. And, at the end of the day there are many points of reference available, but it really all comes [...]

Choosing Your Future Education Institution2019-07-31T14:53:20-04:00

New Career Path Chapter One


Career Path - Going Back To School As An AdultSchool days aren’t always over once you hit your mid-twenties. The percentage of students over 25 who pursue higher education will increase over the next ten years. And, older students have lots of options, from online courses to professional certifications to higher level programs. Overall, it's never [...]

New Career Path Chapter One2020-01-08T10:07:11-05:00

Head Start To Finding Jobs After Graduation


Make Yourself A Stronger Candidate For Your Post-Grad Job Search When it comes to finding a job, nothing is more important than standing out. And we’re not talking standing out with a fancy resume or a flashy interview outfit. We’re talking standing out the old-fashioned way – with more experience and better skills. So how [...]

Head Start To Finding Jobs After Graduation2019-07-31T15:14:05-04:00
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