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Where do I meet?

When you arrive, please check in at Reception where you’ll fill out the Information Request Form.

Who will I meet with?

Your Admissions Representative will go over program information, admission requirements, and take you through a step-by-step estimate to see what you may qualify for in grants or loans.

What do I get to see?

You’ll get to see the classrooms and meet the staff! You’ll also get to see the Campus Events and upcoming activities scheduled for the year.

Fill out the form and we will see you soon!

Is Career Training Right For You?

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Throughout the our program you’ll gain hands-on experience as your instructors are experts in their field, actively working in their profession. You’ll be trained with real life examples on how to create harm reduction strategies, develop creative concepts for proper practice, case management, relapse prevention, and more. At the end, you will complete an internship which allow you to apply what you’ve learned with real-world experience.
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Our small class environment means you have the opportunity to ask questions, participate in lively discussions and — so you don’t feel like just another random student — have instructors actually know you by name!

Once your program is complete, our Employment Services work with you to ensure you find employment in your industry. Whether it’s after grad or down the road, we will be there to help you grow your career!

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Choosing the right career path, learning the required skills and finding employment after graduation are all important steps in your journey. At Canadian College, you will receive the support and assistance you need throughout your college experience, and after as an alumni.


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