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Boost Your Office Administration Career With These 3 Time Management Tips

Boost Your Office Admin Career With These 3 Helpful Time Management Tips

Administrative professionals have many duties to tackle in a single workday. Whether they are working for an executive or perhaps handling tasks for multiple departments, without a good handle on effective time management, office administrators can sometimes start to feel overwhelmed.

Once you start your office administration career, you will find that good time management skills are essential to keeping you organized and productive. In fact, time management skills will help you accomplish more by increasing your focus, reduce stress and more.

Read on to learn about 3 effective time management tips which you can apply throughout your career.

1. Office Administration Training Teaches Students How To Use Outlook

Office admin courses will teach you the ins and outs of Microsoft Office. You’ll find that knowledge in programs like Microsoft Word and Excel will be useful once you start creating documents and spreadsheets during your career. In fact, Outlook is particularly great for time management, since it syncs all of your emails into one location and lists your tasks in the program’s calendar feature.

Modern professionals know that using outlook to organize tasks is much more efficient than creating handwritten lists, since Outlook allows users to be as specific as they’d like. Plan ahead, and assign your tasks a date and time to increase the chances that they’ll be done. Additionally, the software will alert you when it is time to start your next task. You can access Outlook from your phone as well, for friendly reminders when you’re on-the-go.

2. Learn to Manage Interruptions During Your Office Administration Career

During your office administration career, you will likely be handling a wide range of requests at once. It’s no surprise that such requests can be distracting when you’re in the process of working on another project. In your office administration courses, you’ll learn how to strengthen your communication skills. This will go a long way when you need to politely prevent your colleagues and other people from disrupting you at your desk.

For instance, if you’re in the middle of an important task and a colleague approaches your desk to ask you for help, or perhaps just to chat, the communication skills you’ll learn will help you be friendly and direct when you need to focus on your own work. Saying something like “I’d love to talk more, but I have a deadline. Could we talk about this later?” works well.

3. Respond to Emails Quickly During Your Office Administration Career

Most people feel overwhelmed when things start to pile up—whether it’s their responsibilities, memos or even their emails. Industry professionals know that one way to stay organized at the office is to keep your email inbox tidy. This means you’ll have to respond to emails quickly and regularly as possible.

Set aside some time in the morning to respond to emails that came in while you were at home and check your inbox frequently throughout the day to avoid and influx of emails. You might create folders for ‘actions pending’ and ‘important emails’ in order to keep you organized. Each time you look at a clean email inbox, you’ll feel confident, at ease, and prepared to take on your next important task.

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