The Fantastic Brooke Garvey

Brooke Garvey is one of CCHST’s treasured Almuni. After graduating from the RMT program, she was quick to find her place in a local business and gain her experience. She worked for approximately 11 years at her job before realizing she needed more of a challenge. That is when she started Lakewood Massage Therapy. Since starting her business in 2016, Lakewood Massage Therapy has done nothing but grow in clients and physical size in order to accommodate her 2-week ahead schedule.

Owning her own business provided her with more of a challenge but also more flexibility in terms of working. She created a team of excellent RMT’s that love what they do. She currently has 3 RMT’s but is looking for one more by then end of the year. The team ranges in experience between new in the field to veterans of 15 years. The current RMT’s have a strong connection and enjoy each others company enough to enjoy a day at the spa together afterwards when they are able to.

Brooke has accomplished her goals through both a Canadian College Diploma, and learning how to connect wither her clients. She has done so well by simply enjoying what she does, and understanding the client’s needs. She understands that she needs to be empathetic while still building a professional connection with each person that walks through her doors.

As of December 4th, Brook is currently looking to hire two more RMT’s to join her business. If you are a practicing or dreamful RMT, send over your resume to to start a conversation.

If you are interested in having your business profiled, head here, and we would be happy to arrange to have you noticed as well.