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Canadian College – Things To Consider Over March Break

Why March Break Can Be Healthy!

The arrival of the March break is always an eager part of the school year – for students and teachers. Have you ever heard the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Well, for students on March break, the absence of not getting up every day and going to school makes some actually miss their daily routine. However, as we all know the majority of students (and instructors) don’t object to March break. After all, a long dreary winter can make some grumpy and sleepy. Overall, this affects learning greatly and can make motivating individuals a challenge too.

Besides being a chance for some unstructured time, are there any benefits to taking a break in Canadian schools? Let’s consider a few…

Beat the stress

Taking a break from your everyday life can actually reduce stress hormones and reduce blood pressure. The National Institutes of Health found that stress could influence decision-making. Therefore, after a few days of stress-free relaxation, you may find yourself making better decisions at work and in your life.

Less sick days

Stress can suppress the immune system leaving you susceptible to illness. Taking a vacation may help lower those stress levels and allow you to use those days off for something fun instead of staying home sick.

Mental health

Staring at the same people and the same rooms for too long will make anyone lose their minds. Being able to step away from your stressful life at school can help you maintain your sanity as well. Stress is actually good for you but too much is detrimental. Having that week off to just relax and get your life together is what makes it possible for students to return afterward and be successful.

March Break Tips

Overall, it can be tough to decide what to do during this one week off. If you are struggling with coming up with ideas to take advantage of the break, here are some things to consider.

  1. Take a small trip out of town for a couple of days to a destination nearby, even if it is brief.
  2. Spend some time with your family or visit some friends that you may not have had time to see since being back in school.
  3. Catch up on some much-needed sleep. This can improve your sleeping habits and ultimately your performance when you go back to class the following week.
  4. Explore some new places that you have never been in our city. Cafes, restaurants, or shops you were always curious about trying.
  5. Lastly, you can pick up more hours at your workplace to earn some extra cash. Although it may not seem like the most fun way to spend a break, going back to school with some savings can make the start of the semester more pleasant.

We hope that everyone will have the chance to take a break from their routines to refresh and recreate for the coming spring.  The ancient saying about a change of scenery being good for the soul is usually true. Wishing you all well, whether you are traveling or sticking close to home during the next week. We hope everyone can gain a week’s full rest, relaxation and overall fun. Be prepared to work even harder at the start when you return from the break!

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