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Canadian College prepares students for the jobs of tomorrow

Canadian College Windsor prepares students for the jobs of tomorrow

Unemployment is a legitimate concern for many university and college graduates today. After spending four years in a degree program, many graduates find they are not really qualified to do much in the work world. With no practical skills training, many university and college students find themselves underemployed and deeply in-debt after graduating.

Studies show that today’s students need to focus on getting a practical education that will prepare them for work in areas where there are job shortages – professions such as healthcare, business, information technology and legal affairs, among others. These are where the jobs of tomorrow will be found.


Canadian College of Health Science and Technology Windsor understands the importance of real world training for today’s students. The Windsor campus of Canadian College offers its students an education in areas where they are likely to find work. Whether accounting, technology, or healthcare, Canadian College helps prepare its students for the jobs of tomorrow. The people who choose Canadian College learn in a friendly, collegial environment that promotes participation and collaboration among students.

There are also on the job training programs and job placement services available through the school. The goal of Canadian College is to see each of its graduates succeed out in the world and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Students who want a practical education that prepares them for a well-paying and rewarding job should contact Canadian College, or check out their Windsor campus in-person. New students are always welcome by the administration and faculty. To learn more about the Canadian College advantage, and everything the school has to offer, please call 1-519-977-1222 or check out the college programs offered at: https://www.cchst.net/college-programs/

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