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Effective Writing

Effective Writing Skills Writing an essay for an assignment or answering a short answer question on a test is something every student will have to do at some point in their education. Almost no matter…

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Methods of Planning

The independence in college is great until you discover the responsibility that comes with it. No one is keeping track for you to get your homework done, how you spend your time or to get…

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

You landed the interview for the job you wanted! Now what!? Being prepared for a job interview is so important. You will need to make sure you are ready and informed so you can speak…

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New Year New You 2021

It’s the New Year, 2021 is finally here! This means that you most likely made some New Year’s Resolutions to achieve a better you! However, as a student you have a lot on your plate,…

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Humans of Canadian College

My academic journey at Canadian College has been an unbelievable experience, from faculty, administrative staff and my fellow peers. The staff here are friendly, supportive and always full of smiles as they greet me on…

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Study Smarter Not Harder

As a student the most common habit is studying so hard for an exam thinking you aced it only to realize you didn’t do as well as you would have hoped. But what went wrong?…

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Time Management

Projects piling up, looming deadlines, and a to-do list that seems to only get longer each day. These experiences are far too common in both life and work. Time management is defined as using your…

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Transition Back To School

Transitioning back to school can be a difficult road to travel. Maybe you went to school years ago and want to upgrade your skills or change careers. Or you took some time away from school…

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Finding Balance

Finding balance between student life and personal life can be a challenge. Balance can become overwhelming if healthy living and wellness aren’t factored into the overall equation. Individuals can posses a variety of different roles….

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