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Choosing Your Future Education Institution

Choosing your future education institution shouldn’t be difficult. While no one should decide for you whether a post-secondary institution or trade school is the best fit for your education, there are several factors to consider when deciding. And, at the end of the day there are many points of reference available, but it really all comes down to one question – what are your goals?

For starters, are you more of a hands-on practical learner or do you prefer theory-based education? In addition, would you rather spend two years or four years in a learning environment? Furthermore, do you want to specialize in a specific trade or would you rather be open to multiple options in a specific field? And, do you want to finish with a diploma or a degree?

What Are The Differences?

It is important to know that career college, technical schools, trade schools, and vocational schools are all essentially the same thing. These terms can be used interchangeably. Furthermore, these schools teach skills and abilities that are directly related to specific jobs. In comparison, traditional colleges tend to offer broader, more general education programs. Some of which can be targeted toward specific jobs or occupational categories.

For example, if you attend a vocational school to become a welder, your education is going to focus strictly on learning the welding trade. In contrast, if you are attending a traditional college or university to earn a biology degree, you will be receiving a broad education that could help prepare you for countless biology-related career fields. And, you will take a number of classes outside the field of biology. Although both schools are providing you with quality education, vocational school is preparing you for a specific career in a short amount of time. Thus, it is up to you to decide when choosing your future education institution.

Advantages of Attending Career College

Program Content

If you are earning an engineering degree at a traditional university/college, you end up taking elective classes in areas like psychology, sociology, and humanities. On the other hand, career colleges typically cut out the general classes that aren’t directly related to your chosen career field. Overall, completing your training in approximately half the time.

Class Sizes

Career colleges often pride themselves on their small class sizes. A classroom with more than 30 students would be uncommon. This is a great advantage if you would like to get to know your instructor and receive personal one-on-one attention.

Traditional University Class Size

Hands-on Training

Career colleges focus on hands-on training with trained professionals in the field. Many colleges are equipped with labs and clinics where you can practice skills in settings that reflect the scenarios you may face in your job. And, depending on your field of study the school may have clinics that are open to the public for more practical experience. For example, massage schools often operate on-site facilities where students get to offer services to the public. Overall, having this experience under a professional who is already in the field could better prepare you to enter your occupation.


Many career colleges off internships into their programs. This is one more way to receive relevant industry-focused training. Internships essentially place you with a company or organization where you may job shadow and perform the duties of a person in the position for which you are training.


Employer Connections

It is common for career colleges to have relationships with many local employers. By maintaining an extensive employer network, your school can make it easier for you to enter the job market and help you find a position upon graduation. In fact, most times many employers recruit new candidates directly from career colleges because it makes the hiring process seamless.

Job Security

The types of jobs that career colleges can help prepare you for are often in high demand. Since the school’s focus is on offering programs and helping students enter the workforce, it is imperative that these schools stay attuned to the job market. This is to ensure that they are offering the most relevant training and education on-site. They also tend to train people for more hands-on occupations—like electricians, massage therapists, and personal support workers. Overall, they can help you attain greater job security in your province.

Overall, the reasons listed above can play a factor when choosing your education institution for your future career.

Canadian College – Benefit From A College Where You Come First!

Your goal of going to school is to prepare for a career that you love and can enjoy for years to come. The hardest part of graduating is finding your first position in your new career. Canadian College of Health Science and Technology has a dedicated Career Services department, which offers:

Job search workshops

Resume writing workshops

Interview skills workshops

And more…

The college connects you to a variety of employment resources in Windsor to help move you from student to professional. Your ultimate goal is to now decide what type of institution to attend for your future education.

Canadian College Windsor can have you ready to work in the Windsor, Ontario job market in a short period. In addition, the college helps you find career openings across South Western Ontario. Most noteworthy, all programs are tailored to meet the needs of today’s employment market.  Thus, you can expect each program to teach you the skills you need to know to be successful. And, all will be achieved with full support every step of the way.

Are you interested in enrolling in a college that prepares you for future employment and stability? Do you want a practical education that prepares you for a rewarding future in business or healthcare? If so, contact Canadian College and speak to a recruiter today! To learn more about what the college has to offer, please call 519-977-1222. Find our latest programs online at https://www.cchst.net/career-programs/

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