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Don’t Skip Class

Most students know skipping class is not a good idea, and that’s because they are told they shouldn’t. Did you ever stop to examine the real impact skipping class can have? You might think taking a day off is a good idea to relax but in the end, it adds more stress to your life then you thought.
Here are some insightful reasons why you shouldn’t skip class.

1. It’s a Huge Waste of Money
Have you ever lost $100? What about more than $100? It’s painful, right? When you skip class it’s throwing your money out the window. You already know college is expensive based on tuition costs, and if you break that down each class can cost anywhere from $50 -$150. So when you skip just one class you are essentially just wasting all that money.

2. Your Grades May Suffer
When participation points are taken into consideration for your final grade skipping class means losing out on those points. Even if participation is not part of the class grade, repeated absences may factor in when the teacher is grading your projects and assignments. Skipping class means you might also miss important material that will be on the upcoming quiz or test.

3. You Will Have to Play Catch Up
The more classes you miss the more time you will have to devote to playing catch up. You may have to start guessing what you missed in class, study more material than necessary because you were not in class that day to hear what is important and what was not as important. You will also have to comprehend the material on your own and if you have questions or need clarification on that material, it can become very frustrating to try and figure it out on your own.

Bottom line, when you skip class you are adding work to yourself that is not needed.
Skipping class holds a lot of consequences, your future career depends on you to go to class and doing well. Not only are you missing material but also wasting money when you make the choice. If you consider skipping class, give it a second thought and ask yourself if it is really worth it.

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