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Effective Writing

Effective Writing Skills

Writing an essay for an assignment or answering a short answer question on a test is something every student will have to do at some point in their education. Almost no matter what class you take there is some component of writing involved. Sometimes it is easy to forget the basic fundamentals of effective writing. Using clear and professional language, revise and rewrite and being as specific as you can all make great starting points for writing.

Here are some important guidelines to go by when writing:

  1. Say It in Your Own Words – Don’t Plagiarize

Bottom line is don’t be a copycat! Plagiarism is a violation of every school’s academic code. There is nothing wrong with paraphrasing and conducting research to help with your effective writing, in fact, that is encouraged.  Need more information on plagiarism is and how to prevent it? Check out this link to help you with your effective writing skills. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/teacher_and_tutor_resources/preventing_plagiarism/index.html


  1. Proofread & Proofread Again

Poor spelling and grammar mistakes can affective your overall grade on an assignment. Relying only on autocorrect and spelling checkers to pick up on mistakes is not 100% effective. Using a peer in the classroom to look over your work and using more than one spell checker is efficient. A well – known spell checker is Grammarly, and ProWritingAid.


  1. Get Feedback – Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Every great writer has a great editor. Asking help from others can save you from making silly mistakes and also help you with getting your point across. Receiving feedback can also enhance your writing skills in general and bring new ideas to the table. Asking for help also prevents mistakes from happening again in the future, providing more clarity and understanding on what is expected from your teacher and as a student in general.


  1. Hand in your Assignment

Although this may seem like common sense, it is extremely important to hand in your assignment and handing it in on time! Making sure everything is in order and that you have submitted it correctly, whether that be hard copy, email, or your school’s method of online resources. Make sure it is handed in on time because lateness has consequences!


Writing effectively takes time to master, however following these steps and practicing your writing skills makes perfect in the end. There are many resources at your finger tips to help you enhance your effective writing skills, through the internet, asking your fellow peers and your teachers. You just have to ask.

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