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Enhance Your Legal Assistant Education with These 3 Apps

Enhance Your Legal Assistant Education with These 3 Powerful Apps

Technology has had an enormous impact on many industries. The legal profession is no exception. As with many other fields, it has certainly benefited from convenient apps that allow simpler navigation and access to a myriad of resources, all with the simple touch of a screen or button. The days of being burdened by overflowing stacks of case law books and yellow legal notepads have been relegated to the archives of legal antiquity.

These powerful apps provide a time-saving and space-saving tool for both lawyers and legal assistants. From easy note-taking to virtual law libraries, apps are available to make all daily tasks simpler and less burdensome—all at the touch of the screen on your smartphone.

If you’re planning to enroll in a legal assistant program, read on to learn about 3 helpful apps that will certainly enhance your training and your career.

1. Black’s Law Dictionary: A Basic Research Tool that Simplifies Your Legal Assistant Training

The Black’s Law Dictionary is a legal research app that features links for 45,000 legal terms, and also contains a bookmark feature, audio pronunciations, customizable quick references, and legal terms of the day. You’ll definitely find use for this handy research tool during your legal assistant training, where you’ll be taught the basics of performing legal research, writing legal reports and more, by Canadian College’s friendly and supportive instructors.

Additionally, Black’s Law Dictionary app will also help you once you begin your career, providing you with easy access to thousands of legal terms, and making communication with your peers a breeze.

2. Lexpert Magazine: Stay in the Know on the Legal Industry

Lexpert Magazine focuses on news in the Canadian corporate legal world. This app will allow you to read through numerous stories and review articles at your convenience. You’ll also be able to quickly find names of other lawyers and firms. It’s a great way for any legal assistant to stay on top of current trends in Canadian Law—and it’s Free.

While you are training at Canadian College, preparing for work in litigation, family, corporate, or real estate and estate law, you can use the Lexpert Magazine app to research potential employers. Of course, AOLC’s Career Services will happily assist you after graduation, connecting you with employers across Canada.

3. Timewerks: Tick-tock—Your Legal Assistant Career is Getting Closer

During your legal administrative assistant course, and once you’ve started your career, your busy schedule will require you to find efficient use of your time. With the Timewerks app, you’ll be able to track time on multiple clients or projects. In addition, this app is one of the more flexible and user-friendly ones on the market.

Key features allow you to take notes and send and receive emails, saving you tons of time. However, you won’t need to worry too much about time during your training, since Canadian College’s flexible program includes making-up missed classes and completing courses online. Time is definitely on your side—and so are we.

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