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Expand your Career Opportunities with an Office Administration Diploma

Expand your Career Opportunities with an Office Administration Diploma From CCHST

Office administrators typically perform a wide range of administrative, clerical, and secretarial duties. That’s why these professionals are an essential to running an office. This is a career that will have you working with people in every department, and where no two days will be the same. Office administrators can work on their own or as part of a team, and are in-demand in both large corporations and smaller companies.

Pursuing office administration training will expand your career opportunities, by helping you develop a broad skill set. Once you’ve earned your diploma, you’ll be ready to take on all of the responsibilities that potential employers may ask of you.

If you’re considering enrolling in office administration courses or you’ve already started your program, read on to learn about the skills you’ll develop throughout your training, and the roles you’ll be qualified for once you graduate.

You’ll Learn Many Versatile Skills in Your Office Administration Courses

Today’s office administration courses teach students the skills they’ll need to perform the diverse tasks that will be required of them once they become office administrators. For example, most office administrators are responsible for producing reports, spreadsheets, and updating company databases. That’s why you’ll receive up-to-date training in most of Microsoft Office Suite’s programs, as these will help you efficiently manage such files. However, you’ll be sharpening much more than your computer skills at a good office administration college.

Some office administration jobs may require you to make and receive calls. For this reason, office administration training helps you build your customer service skills as well as your understanding of general office operations. As a result, you’ll have no problem answering questions via the phone or email, receiving invoices, or forwarding memos and information to various departments.

Work in Any Industry Once You’ve Earned an Office Administration Diploma

Most businesses benefit from having qualified office administrators, so once you graduate you will be eligible to work for companies across many industries. For instance, you can work for an accounting firm, a distributor, a municipal office and more! While the duties of the job change, depending on a particular company’s needs, most employers look for these common traits when hiring an office administrator:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills

And of course, after your office administration training, you will have successfully developed all of these skills and more, making you the perfect candidate for any administrative job!

You’ll Wear Many Hats Throughout Your Office Administration Career

Aside from being eligible to work for many different companies across various industries, your office administration diploma will also prepare you to work in several other roles. Some of the positions you might be qualified for include:

Bookkeeping: these professionals perform common office administration tasks, but with a focus on finance. They can create financial reports, manage financial records and filing systems, and even help the payroll department generate checks.

Executive assistant: in this role you would be performing the majority of your office administration tasks for one or two upper management executives. Your duties might include scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, and sending out office-wide memos.

Administrative Manager: after gaining some experience as an administrative assistant, you might qualify to work in an administrative management position. This role could involve overseeing data entry and reception staff, budgeting for office inventory and equipment, and perhaps creating employee schedules.

Get the hands-on training you need to successfully launch your office administration career.

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