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Why People Choose A Massage Therapy Career (Part 2 of 2)

Four Major Outcomes Achieved While Attending Massage Therapy School At Canadian College (Windsor, ON)

In the first of two series, we outlined the Top Four Reasons Why People Choose Massage Therapy As A Career. We highlighted some flexible topics that most massage therapists benefit from while pursuing a career as a massage therapist. To continue, we discover four important outcomes you will acquire upon finishing the Massage Therapy Program at Canadian College.

The massage therapy program at Canadian College is a Massage School designed to give you the all-around skilled training needed to become a competent Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Moreover, our program provides you with the education and a hands-on learning experience. In addition, it guides you to promote advanced knowledge, ethics, and behaviors in the massage therapy field. Overall, this enables graduates to successfully practice massage therapy in a variety of health-care environments.

Massage Therapists Are Licensed Professionals

As a student, you will be receiving quality massage therapy training throughout your program. The college maintains professional practice through the Massage Therapy Act & Regulated Health Professions Act. At Canadian College, all instructors are healthcare professionals in their field, and actively work in their profession. Furthermore, they bring in real life examples of how to apply the theory you are learning in each class. Thus, not only will you gain the theory of being an RMT, you will have the opportunity to apply it!

In the end, the massage program provides you to challenge the provincial licensing exam. And, this exam will allow you to work as an RMT. In addition, you will have the credentials needed to take your skills across Canada from writing these certification exams. Overall, when you successfully complete the massage therapy course, it will allow you to earn your diploma. In addition, it will allow you to write both certification and registration exams through the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

Massage Therapists Graduate With The Skills They Need To Get A Job Right Away

Canadian College is committed to assisting students with the best possible choices for their education. Moreover, fulfilling dreams of quickly completing an education and becoming employed in a particular field of study. Our philosophy is to provide our students with the most educationally conducive and personalized learning experience found within any post-secondary institution.

The main goal of attending school is to prepare for a future in a field that you love. Likewise, to find a career you can enjoy for years to come. In turn, the hardest part of graduating is finding your first position in your new career. Thus, our team at Canadian College is here to support and guide you in the right direction. The college has a dedicated Career Services department, which offers:

  • Job search workshops
  • Resume writing workshops
  • Interview skills workshops
  • And more

Candian College is a hub that connects you to a variety of employment resources in Windsor. Ultimately, helping you move from student to professional.

Licensed Massage Therapists Are In High Demand

Job growth over the next decade as an RMT is predicted to increase by 27% across Ontario. Overall, the value of massage therapy is becoming a more widely recognized position. On average, there are 40 job openings for registered massage therapists at any given time in Ontario. For example, the spa industry is growing in popularity. And, more and more people are recognizing it as an important provider of health maintenance and illness prevention. In addition, as the industry grows more rapidly, higher standards become expected. Thus, this is where more registered massage therapists become employed.

Furthermore, corporations are gradually turning towards massage therapy treatments as a benefit of employment. Generally, the highest users of corporate massage fall under the finance industry, the high tech industry, and the insurance industry. Typically, most programs are set up on-site with table and chair massage. Since many large companies embrace the idea of using effective on-site intervention, there is always a demand for massage therapists in any type of industry.

Clients Look Forward To Seeing Their Massage Therapist

Whether the reason is medicinal, therapeutic, or simply a special occasion, people look forward to getting massages. Unlike going to the dentist or doctor, seeing a massage therapist is a highly positive experience. Moreover, the feeling is always associated as “good” or “relaxing”. Likewise, as a massage therapist, you look forward to seeing your clients on a frequent basis.

“Waking up every day to go to work was not something I looked forward to. Now, I wake up looking forward to my day. It is so nice to have something you are passionate about.” – Michael L. (CCHST Graduate – RMT Program)

“I am fortunate enough to be able to pick and choose the days and times I work. I now have a broad spectrum of patients with varying and complex issues. It’s hard to put into words, but the faith my clients put in me is a very wonderful and humbling thing,” Michelle L. (CCHST Graduate – RMT Program).

In conclusion, the overall message we wanted to emphasize when choosing a career is this:

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Mark Twain

Does this sound like a rewarding career to you?

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