So many people in the world have decided not to go back to school and earn the quality of life they deserve. They continue working their jobs without that education that they dreamed of achieving only to settle for less. The truth is no one has to settle for less.

Four years ago we posted an article titled 7 Reasons Why People Choose To Not Go Back To School In 2016 and coming across it had a lot of relevant information that needed to be told again because of how applicable it is. Let us revisit some of the topics to help inspire you to get the life you deserve.

You deserve an improved quality of life.

The fact that schooling takes time is a given, but also the number one concern people have in 2020. If you want to make a change in your life to improve it, you need to start as soon as you enroll. Taking classes (online or in-person) takes up time that might otherwise be occupied. This could mean changing your work schedule around if you usually work around these times.

This may seem daunting, but there is a reason this is the first item on the list. After finishing your education, all that time that has been occupied will be given back to you with an improved quality of life. With completing the education you always dreamed of, you get rewarded with a better job, confidence, and appreciation for all the hard work you put in while you were studying.

There is support everywhere to help you complete your education.

One of the most common reasons people are hesitant about post-secondary education is the finances behind it. There are tuition costs for each aspect of the program you choose to participate in, this includes books, the tuition itself, childcare, living expenses, etc. The fact is, there are financial resources available to everyone. This could range from Canada Student Loans, lines of credit, grants, etc.

Everyone has A+ potential.

While in secondary or post-secondary school, people may have not achieved the grades they need to feel confident in returning to school. The good news is, the past you is not you now. Whether you finished that portion of your life a decade ago or a week ago, there is a strong chance that you can improve yourself and your study habits.

There is always support around you to identify how to improve and how to get the marks you deserve. For example, last week we wrote an article titled 4 Reasons Why You Didn’t Pass That Test which identified some common mistakes made during test/exam preparation. Advice like this is open to everyone and I am sure many others want to help others strive as well, potentially even teachers or friends.

Education is about improving yourself, not satisfying others.

As quoted from 7 Reasons Why People Choose To Not Go Back To School In 2016, “the fear of not fitting in with peers can be a real challenge. Because of this fear, it keeps them from pursuing their career goals.” This quote is still relevant 4 years later. When you are going for a new career and changing your life, the most important thing to remember is that this is your education. While studying, you are not improving someone else’s career; you are improving your career. With completing our education, the sense of achievement, success, and progress is yours and not reliant on others.


No matter what, you 100% deserve the chance to succeed in education and improve your life. With the amount of overall support that will be around you and along the potential everyone has to improve their lives, the decision to act on it is up to you.