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Post-Secondary Advantages

There are many definitions of success. When it comes to the advantages of higher education, there are many clear signs that post-secondary education is worth the investment. Obtaining an education can have many obstacles such as; time and financial investments, disabilities and lack of learning materials at hand. However, there are far more benefits of receiving higher education then there are obstacles.  Research has found that those with post-secondary education earn 39% more on average than those without. Benefits such as employment stability and pension plan coverage often come with a post-secondary education. Having higher education leads to greater career opportunities and promotions and growth within the company.

According to a recent study from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, post-secondary education enhances ‘soft skills’ such as resilience, initiative, and team work – traits that are necessary to succeed in changing job market. Aside from benefits to students, an educated workforce adds value to society in the form of active citizenship, as post-secondary graduates are more likely to vote, volunteer and donate.



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