//History of Massage Therapy Profession

History of Massage Therapy Profession

History of the Profession

Massage Therapy came into increased prominence during World War I, as Canada helped to care for its soldiers overseas. Among the many makeshift hospitals set up at this time were orthopaedic centres offering hydrotherapy and massage.

During the war, nearly 2,000 soldiers were treated daily with massage, establishing Massage Therapy as a necessary and valued form of health care. The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario has been regulating Massage Therapy in the province since 1919.


The College is directed by a policy-making Board known as the Council, made up of College registrants elected by their peers in nine districts across the province (professional members), as well as members of the public (public members) who are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

The responsibilities of Council are supported by a number of statutory Committees required by legislation and a non-statutory Committee, as well as by College staff in the various departments.

The appointment of public members ensures that a focus is maintained on the needs of the public in all decisions made by Council.

Self Regulation

Massage Therapy is one of 23 self-regulating health professions in Ontario. Self-regulation is a model of regulation in which the public of Ontario, through legislation, grants the profession the ability to develop  the rules which govern the profession.

This privilege is maintained by focusing on the public’s interest and by continuous commitment to place the needs of the clients of Massage Therapists before the interests of the profession.


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