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How to Enroll at CCHST

How to enroll in 5 easy steps

1. Choose your future

2. Meet an Admissions Representative

3. Make a financial plan

4. Attend an information session

5. Register for your program and start class

 Step 1 – Choose your future!

We have helped hundreds of students over the years reach their full potential by starting an exciting and rewarding career. We are here for you; your success is our success! Schedule an appointment with an Admissions Representative to discuss career options and college registration. 

Step 2 – Meet an Admissions Representative

Discover a career that matches your previous experiences and future ambitions. We will help you discover your inner drive and help you find a career that matches your goals.

Learn all about Canadian College and witness first-hand the Canadian College Advantage. Visiting our campus provides an opportunity to discuss your career interest one-on-one. You will be able to view the classrooms and labs where you will learn your new skills and meet with instructors and staff. Take a look at our career programs to see which one is right for you.

Step 3 – Financial Planning

Individual one-on-one financial planning will help you determine how to address your particular financial needs and help you with your college registration. Meeting with someone will help you plan for your financial needs during school and receive the maximum funding you deserve! Do not let financing hold you back – we are here to make your education dreams a reality.

Step 4 – Attend an Information Session

Information Sessions are schedule monthly. Please call 519-977-1222 and register for the next available session. If you would like to bring along a friend or a family member please feel free to do so.

The Information Sessions are an informal opportunity to learn about your education opportunities, local employment trends, and careers in demand. Each session includes a Guest Speaker, Discussions with Canadian College Staff, and a FREE Workshop “Tools for Succeeding at Canadian College”.

“Tools for Succeeding at Canadian College” will give you a chance to brush up on your study skills and provide you with the tools and techniques that will help you manage time, set goals, take notes, prepare for exams, and more!

Step 5 – Register & Start Class

Now that you have chosen your career path, picked up the tools to be successful at Canadian College, and have successfully planned your financing, it is time to register for class. Simply complete the Canadian College Application form and your journey can begin. Contact your admission representative to receive the Registration form.


Canadian College of Health Science and Technology is committed to assisting you make the best possible choices for your career; fulfilling your dream of getting educating and becoming employed in your field of study. Our philosophy at Canadian College is simple – offer programs that make sense in our community!

Start Your New Career With Us Today! Please fill out the online form and our admissions representatives will get in touch to answer all of your questions.

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