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How to tell your Family your Going Back to School

Article Originally Written by: http://studymagazine.com/2012/10/26/how-to-tell-your-family-youre-going-back-to-school/#ixzz2kRk0RKe1

How to tell your Family your Going Back to School

So you’re going back to school. Amazing! Adults who continue their education very seldom regret it. However, you might be a bit worried about telling your family. For better or for worse, your family may have a well-established routine or dynamic. Going back to school might disrupt that.

Not to worry, we’re here to help. Here are a few tips to tell your family you’re going back to school, without blowing any minds.


 Talk About It Early

It’s always best to lay the groundwork when you can. Let them know this is something you’re thinking about. Introducing the prospect of a change is always easier than introducing a change, if the opportunity is there.
If you act early enough, you can even involve the family in researching schools.


Tell Them What It Means To You

If you’re following a dream, let them know that. Paint a clear picture of how unhappy or under stimulated you are with your current job (or lack thereof) and how going back to school can get you your dream job.


Tell Them What It Means to Them

This, hopefully, will have benefits for them too. Maybe your training will lead to more money for the family. So be sure to mention the prospect of getting a bigger house, not skimping on groceries anymore, or an awesome family vacation someday.
Also, be sure to point out what a happier you will mean for them. This could be “I won’t be on the road all the time” or “I won’t come home from work in an exhausted mood anymore.


Don’t Lie

Don’t make any false promises, or understate the changes that will need to take place, at least for a little while.
If a few people will have to step in to fill some of your household duties, don’t hide it. If a problem is going to arise, make sure you point out a likely solution with it. For example “If you need someone to pick you up from work after 7, your uncle will come get you.”


Be Excited

Be visibly enthusiastic about this opportunity. You can’t control how people feel, but you can set the tone to the conversation with your own eagerness to improve everyone’s situation.

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