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Humans of Canadian College

My academic journey at Canadian College has been an unbelievable experience, from faculty, administrative staff and my fellow peers. The staff here are friendly, supportive and always full of smiles as they greet me on my daily laps around the school with my classmate.
Learning from actual Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and professionals, and having them take time out of their day to teach is an amazing opportunity. They are all extremely informative when it comes to teaching practical and theory material. They are always ready to address any questions about real life practice. The students are an amazing support system and we look out for each other.
Canadian College has provided a great start on my journey as an RMT. I even became a mentor for my program and now assist with first term students! Increasing my knowledge and skills are important to me as I want to help people to the best of my abilities. My plans are to continue my education as I build my practice and clientele. Canadian College is an amazing place for anyone looking to start a new career or build on what they currently have. Highly recommended!

-Thomas, Massage Therapy

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