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Infographic: 3 Administrative Careers You Can Pursue After Graduation

With such a broad set of skills, an effective administrator is definitely an asset to any organization. By working with high-level executives, customers and suppliers, administration professionals are often considered the glue that holds a business together. Today’s office administration courses cover a wide range of topics—from software to business communications—to ensure that graduates are equipped to handle their tasks within companies of all sizes. Additionally, students also have the option to pursue specialized administration training in order to break into specific fields.

For instance, Medical office assistant training teaches students about anatomy, physiology and more, ensuring that once they graduate, they can find work in a medical office. Students can also choose to pursue legal administrative assistant careers, where they’ll become familiar with numerous laws and legal practices as part of their training.

If you’re considering an administrative career, read on for a closer at some of the paths you can pursue once you’ve graduated from your program.


3 Administrative Careers You Can Pursue After Graduation


Canadian Job Facts

  • Over the past few years, the demand for trained administrative professionals has increased
  • Administrators are in-demand across industries like information technology, healthcare and manufacturing
  • Much of this demand is due to promotions and retirement
  • Over the next 5 years, administrators are expected to see a 16% growth in wages
  • Employment growth for Canadian administrators is expected to rise by 10% in the next 5 years

In-Demand Skills

  • On average, it takes companies 30 days to fill an administrative position
  • Today’s managers are looking for administrators with strong computer skills and soft skills like communication and teamwork

1. Office Administration Career

  • Training covers software applications, customer service, office procedures and more
  • Some possible occupations include office administrator, receptionist and executive assistant
  • Office administrators find work in businesses of all sizes, across all industries
  • Daily tasks may include answering phones, organizing files, and writing reports and e-mails
  • Office administrators work with several departments and speak with customers and suppliers
  • The average annual salary of an office administrator working in Canada is $39,707

2. Medical Office Assistant Career

  • Training covers patient scheduling, typing and filing medical records, software and more
  • Some possible occupations include medical secretary, medical office assistant and billing clerk
  • Medical office assistants find work in doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals
  • Daily tasks may include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, and filing documents
  • Medical office assistants work with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals
  • The average annual salary of a Canadian medical office assistants is $35,607

3. Legal Administrative Assistant Career

  • Training covers legal computer basics, office procedures, legal documentation and more
  • A few possible employers include law firms, government offices and corporate legal departments
  • Daily tasks may include legal research, creating documents, and interviewing witnesses
  • Legal administrative assistants work with lawyers, paralegals, city officials and clients
  • The average annual salary for legal administrative assistants working in Canada is $41,981








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