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Infographic: 3 Career Paths for Accounting Professionals 

Earning an accounting school diploma can lead to a wide range of rewarding career options. Today’s accounting professionals do much more than crunch numbers. In fact, they also provide administrative support, work with customers and perform many other interesting daily tasks.

Payroll training, for example,  will teach you to understand the advantages of benefits packages, and truly see how small deductions can make a big difference in the quality of life and financial futures of a company’s employees. Accounting professionals can work in all industries, so earning your diploma will give you the opportunity to join companies in any field that interests you. While job duties will vary from company to company, here’s a look at the general job descriptions of a few career paths that you can pursue once you’ve graduated.


3 Career Paths for Accounting Professionals

1. Payroll Administrator

  • Ensures paychecks are processed on time
  • Investigates and resolves issues with payroll
  • Prepares T4s, ROEs and other reports as requested
  • Processes bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly employee commission pays
  • Includes all deduction information into employee files
  • Calculates employee attendance when processing payroll
  • The Average salary in Canada for payroll administrators is $44,934 per year

2. Bookkeeper

  • Maintains an organized accounting filing system for financial historical records
  • Tracks and maintains records of debts, purchases, and other financial transactions
  • Issues invoices to customers
  • Pays supplier invoices in a timely fashion
  • Records cash receipts and makes bank deposits
  • Maintains petty cash fund
  • Provides administrative support to the accounting department and management
  • Monitors office supplies and orders stock as necessary
  • The average Canadian salary for bookkeepers is $40,590 per year

3. Accounting Assistant

  • Searches a company’s financial history to find data needed to create reports
  • Assists in producing financial reports monthly, quarterly, or as needed
  • Tracks and maintains records of account balances
  • Keeps accounts payable and receivable records up-to-date
  • Submits tax documents to government offices and financial institutions
  • Assists in creating company or departmental budgets
  • The average Canadian salary for accounting assistants is $39,425 per year









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