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Job Outlook For Physiotherapy Assistants In Ontario

Thinking About A Physiotherapy Assistant Career?

A Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA) is a hands-on career in more ways than one. This career involves supporting the work of licensed Physiotherapists in modern medical environments. Moreover, helping clients on their path towards optimal physical health through both clerical and clinical tasks. Like many healthcare positions, the primary driver for growth in the field of physiotherapy is linked to Canada’s rapidly aging population. And, in terms of educational requirements, data shows that graduates of PTA programs are likely to land new jobs over the coming years. So, if you’ve ever considered a career in healthcare and enjoy working one-on-one with people, then becoming a Physiotherapy Assistant may be the career for you.

Positive Job Outlook For PTA’S In Ontario

Search results display over 200 job openings for Physiotherapy Assistants in Ontario. Moreover, both full-time and part-time positions with salary estimates can be found on Indeed.com. Vacancies are found across Southwestern Ontario but mostly within the Greater Toronto Area (Mississauga, Toronto, and Hamilton). In addition, according to the government labor market, research demands remain steady for PTA’s across Ontario. Annual salaries range from $30,000 to $50,000 per year. And, due to the number of Physiotherapists increasing over the last decade there is much more help needed in this field.

Positions are increasingly growing in traditional employment settings. Specifically, for those who are willing to work with older patients. These include skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, acute and sub-acute rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, home healthcare, retirement communities, and contract therapy providers. The good news is – the demand for these services exceeds supply. Additionally, as more patients continue to experience physical therapy and realize its benefits, they are more likely to seek these services again and again. Thus, PTA’s are in great demand for the future, especially for the growing age population.

Obtain PTA Training In Windsor, ON

A proper Physiotherapy Assistant program provides certified instructors who teach and prepare you for work in a modern environment. The best part is, this type of training can be completed right here in Windsor! Physiotherapy Assistants fall within a wide variety of work settings – below are areas where PTA’s can find employment:

  • Retirement Home
  • Private Clinic
  • Home Care
  • Hospital Emergency Department
  • Rehabilitation Centre
  • Long Term Care Home
  • Inpatient Acute or Critical Care
  • Outpatient Hospital Department

Physiotherapy Assistants Are Vital To Our Communities

Primarily, PTA’s work under the direction of a licensed Physiotherapist. Generally speaking, when people have physical conditions that limit their activities, they are often unmotivated to do much. For example, they are unable to go to work, shop, or participate in other important activities. And, this can be detrimental to both the individual and their relationships with family/friends. Thus, those who have completed Physiotherapy Assistant courses hold value within the community as they can help fulfill needs of rehabilitation. In addition, they can provide safe and effective services to the patient, which helps increase their functionality with physical problems.

Simply stated, physical therapy makes it possible for a number of people across the world to successfully overcome injuries. Furthermore, it helps with any limitations that stem from chronic pain, disabilities, or diseases. To an extent, some of these diseases can even include cancer or diabetes. Thus, the demand is great and will continue to grow as Canada’s population ages. Listed underneath are the benefits of services a PTA provides:

  • Pain relief through the use of electrical modalities
  • Improve joint range of motion (ROM) through the use of exercises
  • Encourage and motivate the patient throughout the rehabilitation phase
  • Assist in transfers from bed to wheelchair and back to bed
  • Help patient’s in using walking aids, such as canes, crutches, and walkers.

PTA Program At Canadian College Brings Positive Difference In Healthcare Field

The PTA program at Canadian College offers safe, effective and efficient ways to help people recover and restore their physical function. The eleven-month program helps to build practical knowledge behind reducing and managing pain. Furthermore, the course allows you to understand and adapt to conditions caused by injury, illness, or disability. In addition, worthwhile training leads to an enriching career with real meaning, good pay, and genuine stability. In fact, this area of healthcare is what enables many Canadians to achieve balance and fulfilling lives.

Another integral part of this training process is an internship placement. The PTA program at Canadian College includes a 200-hour clinical placement within a physiotherapy environment. By pursuing an internship as part of your PTA training, you open the door for potential employment at your particular placement site. Though not all internships end in employment, many employers look to their own experienced interns when paid positions become available in their offices. Hence, they know that their interns have skills and firsthand experience they can trust.

Start Your Rewarding PTA Career At Canadian College!

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