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KPI Report

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities requires PCCs to publish all private career colleges to report and audit their student data. Section (53) (1) (a) of the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 gives the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges the authority to set key performance indicators for vocational programs and govern publication of information on these results. Based on the above authority, the key performance indicators and related accountability requirements, the KPI results for the period report can be found here.

KPI Report

The key performance indicators are important for improving the quality of information available to students, employers and institutions. They may be used by:

  • The Ministry and Superintendent of Private Career Colleges to inform sector policy decisions;
  • Potential students when choosing an institution that meets their learning objectives;
  • Private career colleges to demonstrate their successes and to identify opportunities to better meet the needs of students and employers; and
  • Employers to make informed decisions when hiring graduates.

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