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Looking for a College in Windsor? Find Out How Canadian College Updated its Legal Assistant Training Program

Updated: New Legal Assistant Training Program Offered At Canadian College Windsor

Canadian College aims to provide training that caters directly to the demands of today’s job market. In keeping up with this philosophy, we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently updated the curriculum of our legal administrative assistant program to deliver more comprehensive training than ever before. Graduates of this program—which will launch this upcoming September—will find themselves equipped with job-ready skills that apply to positions in an even wider range of legal offices. We’ve also incorporated a co-op work placement that gives students the chance to apply the skills they receive through our training program to a real-world legal environment.

If you’re looking to enroll in legal assistant training, we’re confident that our updated program has everything you’ll need to kick-start a rewarding career. Read on to learn about some of the changes we’ve made.

New Courses Offer More Comprehensive Legal Assistant Training

Our legal assistant training program has always produced graduates that are highly sought after by employers. This is mainly because Canadian College students learn important research skills and law office procedures from instructors who have years of experience in the field.

In our latest version of the program, we’ve included courses to the curriculum, which cover commercial law, conveyancing, family law, wills & estates, real estate law, and more. Students will gain a working knowledge of the fundamentals of different legal practices, as well as the specific filing and documenting procedures associated with each. This knowledge will definitely put you at an advantage once it’s time to begin seeking employment, whether you want to work for a small or large law firm.

Enhance Your Legal Assistant Training with Co-Op Work Placement

We’ve added co-op work placements to our legal administration program, which is a key element in turning students into well-rounded professionals. It’s an experience that will not only enhance your academic life, but will also give you a strong advantage in the entry-level job market.

Canadian College’s three-week co-op work placement is designed to enable you to apply all that you’ve learned in a work environment that’s specific to your career goals. Not only will you receive guidance from an employer during this period, you’ll also work closely with instructors to enhance your learning. Gaining hands-on experience is the first rewarding step on your new career path.

Redefining the Legal Administrative Assistant Course

Canadian College has created an advisory group consisting of local attorneys and other legal professionals in different areas of law to ensure that the content presented in any legal administrative assistant course stays relevant to the field.

This means that our students learn consistently updated material to ensure they always graduate ready to meet the current demands of different law office environments. You’ll know how to communicate and transcribe using legal terminology, you’ll be able to easily navigate the latest legal software, and you’ll also be able to conduct research and create documents according to the standards of a modern legal practice.

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