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Massage Therapy Myths – Working as a Massage Therapist

Massage Myths: Deep-Tissue


Myth 1: Deep-tissue massage can only be performed by therapists who are big and strong.
Myth 2: Deep-tissue massage is exhausting to perform.
Myth 3: Deep-tissue massage is painful.

All of these statements are false. With the right tools and techniques, performing deep-tissue massage can be effortless for practitioners of any size to perform, as well as relaxing for clients to receive. I designed the Auth Method of Forearm Massage to help professional massage therapists enjoy longer, healthier careers. The Auth Method is a massage technique that takes the practitioner’s well-being into account, as well as that of the client. It feels effortless to perform and great to receive. Below are seven Auth Method secrets to performing effortless deep-tissue massage. TO READ THE SEVEN SECRETS TO PERFORMING EFFORTLESS DEEP-TISSUE MASSAGE [CLICK HERE]



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