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Change Your Life In 18 Months & Start A Great Career with the Massage Therapy Program!

Are you interested in working in healthcare?

Do you enjoy a holistic approach to treating people?

Are you passionate about helping people relieve pain and have better health?

Imagine a Career Where No Two Days Are The Same

Each day the patients arrive at the clinic with a new story. For example, you may work with someone who was in a serious car accident and now on the road to recovery. Furthermore, you could be dealing with an elderly person who had a bad fall or knee replacement, helping them regain their strength to improve their quality of life. Or maybe it’s a busy mom who finally has a chance to spend some ‘me’ time and is looking to have a relaxing massage.

Regardless, you are a part of a highly skilled team of professionals who help people gain back the quality of life they once enjoyed. The environment you choose could be inside a chiropractors office, health spa or you may even be running your own practice. Overall, you get to decide where your career takes you.

Does this sound like a rewarding career to you?

If so, start a career as a Massage Therapist in Windsor, Ontario.

Choose Canadian College of Health, Science & Technology To Advance Your Career Potential

You’ll gain hands-on practical experience throughout the Massage & Hydrotherapy program. Your instructors are healthcare professionals in their field who actively work in their profession. They bring in real life examples of how to apply the theory you are learning in each class. As a regulated profession through the Massage Therapy Act & Regulated Health Professions Act, you know you will be receiving quality Massage Therapy training throughout your program.

Not only will you gain the theory of being a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), you will have the opportunity to apply it!

The Massage Therapy program covers topics such as:

  • Health Sciences
  • Hydrotherapy Techniques
  • Remedial Massage Therapy Techniques
  • Swedish Massage Techniques
  • Treatment planning
  • Therapeutic Massage Techniques
  • Assessing clients needs
  • And other massage treatment options

The Massage program provides you to challenge the provincial licensing exam which will allow you to work as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT.) As well, you will have the credentials needed to take your skills with you right across Canada from writing the certification examinations. When you successfully complete the Massage Therapy course, it will allow you to earn your diploma, as well as, take the certification exams through the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and then complete the CMTO’s Initial Registration application.

Benefit From A College Where You Come First

Your goal of going to school is to prepare for a career that you love and can enjoy for years to come. The hardest part of graduating is finding your first position in your new career. The Canadian College of Health, Science and Technology is there for you to get you going in the right direction. The college has a dedicated Career Services department which offers:

  • Job search workshops
  • Resume writing workshops
  • Interview skills workshops
  • And more

The college acts as a hub connecting you to a variety of employment resources in Windsor to help move you from student to professional.

The Massage Therapy diploma program requires you to have completed secondary school or have your GED. To learn more about the programs admissions requirements, please request more information today!

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  • The Massage Therapy program at Canadian College is a Massage School designed to give you the all-around training and support it takes to become a skilled, competent Registered Massage Therapist.

  • You’ll enter your new career with confidence. After gaining plenty of practical, hands-on experience, you will work with real clients at our on-site massage therapy clinic.

  • Our program provides education and hands-on learning to promote advanced knowledge, skills, ethics, and behaviours. This enables graduates to successfully practice massage therapy in a variety of health-care environments.

  • Massage Therapy is one of Canada’s fastest growing health-care fields. Canadian College Windsor is a leader in Massage Therapy education and is dedicated to providing students with the latest resources in Massage Therapy training.

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