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Methods of Planning

The independence in college is great until you discover the responsibility that comes with it. No one is keeping track for you to get your homework done, how you spend your time or to get to class on time. Planning your day is so important as a student, especially a first term student. It will set the standards for your organization for the rest of your time in school. Planning your day will help you relieve stress and help your day go by more smoothly.

There are a few ways to plan and those include; finding a system that works for you, making planning a habit and using different schedules.

  1. Finding a System that Works for You

Understanding what works for you can take a bit of time to figure out, however understanding the resources to help you plan is easy. If you are a physical copy kind of person, cross off lists and put pen on paper, a paper copy agenda may be best for you. If you always have your phone or laptop on you and are constantly on the go, an electronic planner that sends you notifications may be more accessible to you.

  1. Make Planning a Habit

Once you have mastered your preferred scheduling system it becomes easier to make it a habit. Finding consistency in your systems will help you stick with organization and planning. Setting aside 15 minutes a week to plan out your day or the week is just the right amount of time. For example, every morning after you get dressed you can look over your planner and see your classes and work that needs to get done for the day.

  1. Using Different Schedules

It is one thing to plan but it is another to plan for a day, a week or an entire term. Having more than one schedule can make your days and priorities go a lot smoother. Planning out a daily schedule should only have the most important items that must get done that day. A weekly schedule gives you a detailed picture of your week’s activities. Start with the “must do’s” such as classes and study time. A term schedule displays the whole term at once to help you keep track of important dates and deadlines. Keeping your schedules in a place where you can always see them- fridge, locker, binder- will help you be aware of what’s coming up so you can plan effectively and timely.

“failing to plan, is planning to fail”

-Allen Lakein

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