Office Administrator Program Outline & Career Information

The Office Administration program focuses on the complete range of administrative support skills needed to succeed in an office environment. Students learn hands-on skills in areas such as word processing, document production, and office procedures. Furthermore, you will also develop polished communication and human relations expertise. This foundation program provides training for entry into a variety of administrative positions.

Program Length

  • Theory Length – 16 weeks
  • Internship Length – 4 weeks
  • Total Length – 20 weeks

Intro to Computers

In this module students explore the basic computer and system operating functions. This includes managing the desktop, working with files and folders, running applications, and using Windows system settings.


Keyboarding will start at the beginning of the program and the students will continue practicing throughout the program. At the end of the program all students should be able to type at minimum 45 words per minute.

Microsoft Word

In the Microsoft Office module, students perform basic editing and paragraph formatting to produce professional-looking documents (Word styles, set tables, create tables, borders and shading, Headers/Footers, adding graphics). In addition, students learn to save and retrieve documents, activate spell- checking tools, activate the button bar symbols and create graphics and fonts to liven up documents. Futhermore, students learn how to compose and format formal business letter, reports, tables and other business forms. Additionally, creating Newsletter style columns, using templates, wizards and HTML features will be further taught in this module. Overall, students will increase their knowledge of Microsoft Words many features, including AutoCorrect, AutoText, Find and Replace, the Thesaurus and the different outline views.

Microsoft Excel

For this Excel module, students learn to input and organize data, format charts, and edit/copy the text in the Worksheet. In addition, students will learn how to use simple formulas in an Excel Spreadsheet. Furthermore, students learn to use Paste Special and formula labels to create HTML files. In the advanced levels of Excel, students will learn to manage files and data, customize Excel preferences, work with databases, create data forms, use various filters, as well as importing and exporting data.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Students learn how to create dynamic eye-catching business presentations and slideshows in the PowerPoint module. In addition, they will learn to create and edit text, add color, change fonts, layouts and background styles. Futhermore, students learn how to use the PowerPoint templates, tools, formatting techniques to import and incorporate ClipArt and charts from other programs.

Simply Accounting Sage

In Sage, students will gain a basic overview of the Simply Accounting features; including payroll, inventory, accounts receivable and payable.

Microsoft Outlook

In Outlook, students will learn how to schedule appointments/meetings, track tasks, projects and contacts. During this module, students will monitor messages they have sent, files they have used and the people they have contacted.

Office Procedures/ Interpersonal Skills

For this module, students learn the administrative skills and procedures needed for competency in an office setting, including reception, scheduling, filing, billing and insurance claims. In addition, students will also develop professionalism, interpersonal communication, flexibility, responsibility and skills in customer relations. Overall, students will also develop supervisory and team building skills.

Business Skills

Students will learn business skills to understand cashflow, F/S, budgets, legislation, HR, Policies and Procedures, employment and supervision.

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