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Pharmacy Assistant Diploma: Your Fast-track to a Rewarding Healthcare Career

Fast Track Your Career With A Diploma In Pharmacy Assistant

By helping pharmacists manage the day-to-day demands of running a pharmacy, pharmacy assistants are crucial members of the healthcare team. One of the pharmacy assistant’s major roles is to help pharmacists dispense medications, but they also do a lot of the clerical work behind the counter, such as keeping client records updated, and working the cash register.

Earning a pharmacy assistant diploma will provide you with the unique combination of customer service and administrative skills you’ll need to succeed in this rewarding role. If you’re thinking about working as a pharmacy assistant, read on to learn a few of the benefits of enrolling in a diploma program.

You’ll Gain a Variety of Skills and Knowledge in Pharmacy Assistant School

Although assisting pharmacists with prescription requests is one of the main duties of a pharmacy assistant, there’s more to it than simply handing over people’s medications. During your pharmacy assistant courses, you’ll learn about the effects that different drugs have on various illnesses. By the time you launch your new career, you’ll have the ability to not only locate and hand over a customer’s medication – you’ll be able to provide instructions on how to take it, as well as describe any side effects that they might experience.

Pharmacy assistant school also provides you with organizational skills for important tasks like inventory management. Knowing where medications go and what to place them in when filling a prescription will reduce wait times for customers. Learning computer skills will help you to pull up a customer’s file and update their information with no delays.

Earning a Pharmacy Assistant Diploma puts you In-Demand

There’s been a huge increase in demand for trained healthcare workers like pharmacy assistants in recent years. Because there have been so many new prescription drugs on the market, more people are able to seek treatment for various illnesses than ever before. Canada’s healthcare field is also growing, and with new hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices comes the need for more pharmacy workers.

Government statistics show that the demand for pharmacy assistants should continue in the coming years, so now’s the perfect time to get started with training that will really kick-start your career.

Today’s Pharmacy Assistant Training is Hands-On

At Canadian College, we know that theory-based learning is not enough in itself for a job market that demands qualified individuals. That’s why as part of our diploma program, pharmacy assistant students are placed in an internship in a pharmacy setting, where they can take everything they’ve learned and apply it in the real-world. This way, not only do our students graduate with a diploma – they join the workforce with genuine experience.

To meet Canada’s growing need for healthcare pros, our pharmacy assistant diploma program fully readies students for a rewarding career in just 40 weeks, which truly makes it your fast-track to a rewarding healthcare career.


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