Change Your Life In 11 Months with the Physiotherapy Assistant Program!

Did you know Physiotherapy Assistant can make on average $22.05/hour?

  • Do you have a passion for helping people?
  • Are you interested in working in healthcare?
  • Does human mechanics interest you?
  • Are you interested in a holistic approach to treating people?

Change Your Life In 11 Months with the Physiotherapy Assistant Program!

Did you know Physiotherapy Assistant can make on average $22.05/hour?

  • Do you have a passion for helping people?
  • Are you interested in working in healthcare?
  • Does human mechanics interest you?
  • Are you interested in a holistic approach to treating people?

Imagine a career where no two days are the same…

Each day the patients you work with have new stories as to why they are at the clinic. One day, you may be working with someone who was in a serious car accident and is now on the road to recovery.

Or it could be an elderly person who had a bad fall or knee replacement and you are helping them gain their strength to improve their quality of life. Physiotherapy Assistants never have the same day. Each day in the clinic is always different.

You are a part of a highly skilled team of healthcare professionals who help people gain back the quality of life they once enjoyed. As a member of a team, you work closely with the Physiotherapist and other Physiotherapy Assistants to help patients with their care. Most importantly, you get to be their cheerleader each and every step of the way, helping them travel their road to recovery.

Does this sound like a rewarding career to you?

If so, then start a career as an Physiotherapy Assistant.

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Choose CCHST To Advance Your Potential

You’ll gain hands-on practical experience throughout the Physiotherapist Assistant program (PTA Program). Your instructors are experts in their field who actively work in their profession. They bring in real life examples of how to apply the theory you are learning in each class.

Not only will you gain the theory of being a Physiotherapist Assistant, you will have the opportunity to apply it!

The full-time Physiotherapist Assistant program covers Physiotherapy Assistant courses such as:

  • Health Sciences
  • Psycho-sociological sciences
  • Disabling conditions to promote movement, daily functioning, and activity
  • Interpersonal Skills & Communication with Clients
  • Medical Terminology, Body Systems & Disease
  • PTA Administration & Program Support
  • And more

The Physical Therapist Assistant program provides you with an understanding of:

  • Legislation
  • Ethical and legal principles
  • Confidentiality requirements for workplace situations
  • The skills necessary to act within legal, ethical and professional boundaries, including the maintenance of patient / client health records.

The Physiotherapist Assistant program prepares you for certification through Canadian Fitness Professionals (CANFIT PRO).

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Benefit From A College Where You Come First

Your goal of going to school is to prepare for a career that you love and can enjoy for years to come. The hardest part of graduating is finding your first position in your new career. The Canadian College of Health, Science & Technology is there for you to get you going in the right direction. The college has a dedicated Career Services department which offers:

  • Job search workshops
  • Resume writing workshops
  • Interview skills workshops
  • And more

Canadian College acts as a hub connecting you to a variety of employment resources in Windsor to help move you from student to professional.

Physiotherapy Assistants typically find work in areas such as retirement and nursing homes (long-term care facilities), sports and fitness centres, recreation centres and throughout the physical therapy clinics.

Upon successful completion of the Physiotherapy Assistant program, you will have earned your Physiotherapy Assistant diploma from CCHST. Graduates work as:

  • Physiotherapist Aide/Attendant
  • Physiotherapy Aide/Assistant
  • Physical Therapy Aide/Assistant
  • Rehabilitation Aide/Assistant
  • Restorative Care Aide
  • Therapy Assistant

Sometimes when seeing employment, Physiotherapy Assistants find job postings listed alongside jobs for Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTA’s) according to


  • As a Physiotherapist Assistant in Windsor (PTA), you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of environments such as acute care and community hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, private practice & retail

  • You will learn to assist in the implementation of rehabilitation treatment plans and programs developed to promote clients’ independence, activities, and function.

  • The Physiotherapy Assistant program includes a 200 hour clinical placement within a physiotherapy environment.

  • We are a student-oriented school with a friendly learning environment. We are comprehensive, innovative, diverse and distinguished.

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Is Career Training Right For You?

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Throughout the our program you’ll gain hands-on experience as your instructors are experts in their field, actively working in their profession. You’ll be trained with real life examples on how to create harm reduction strategies, develop creative concepts for proper practice, case management, relapse prevention, and more. At the end, you will complete an internship which allow you to apply what you’ve learned with real-world experience.
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Our small class environment means you have the opportunity to ask questions, participate in lively discussions and — so you don’t feel like just another random student — have instructors actually know you by name!

Once your program is complete, our Employment Services work with you to ensure you find employment in your industry. Whether it’s after grad or down the road, we will be there to help you grow your career!

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Choosing the right career path, learning the required skills and finding employment after graduation are all important steps in your journey. At Canadian College, you will receive the support and assistance you need throughout your college experience, and after as an alumni.


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