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Medical Office Assistant
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Medical Office Assistants (MOA) are relied upon by physicians, medical staff, and patients to keep office operations running smoothly. In addition to performing administrative and supportive functions, they must know medical terminology and be familiar with various medical procedures and health care business practices. They often assist physicians by preparing treatment rooms for clinical examinations, help with medical procedures, take vital signs, and provide pre-emptive care.

MOAs are the first point of contact for a physician’s office, medical clinic, hospital, diagnostic centre,  or health care agency. They welcome patients to a physician’s office, answer the phones, schedule appointments, assist with submitting prescriptions, referrals, and handle insurance forms, claims, and handle drug manufacturer calls.

Medical Office Assistants process all information pertaining to a patient’s file, including payments,  and insurance claims, manage the office database and manage the physician’s schedule. They write and prepare reports, transcribe and type medical reports, submit specialist referrals, and coordinate diagnostic tests, treatments, and other necessary care with appropriate facilities and professionals.

  • Provide new patients with forms and other documents that they must fill out
  • File patient forms in the appropriate place after scanning them into our EHR system
  • Accept payment for co-pays and other fees required prior to services being rendered
  • Verify insurance information over the phone when the patient makes the appointment, then again upon patient arrival
  • Schedule next appointments prior to patients leaving the office

Program Length: 34 weeks

Theory: 30 weeks

Internship: 4 weeks

Job Market

Potential Career Paths After Completing the Program

  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Medical Billing Clerk
  • Clinical Assistant
  • Medical Booking Clerk

Salary Information

Medical Office Assistants can make on average $19.92 – $23.00 per hour
*(source: ca.indeed.com 2020)


Admission Requirements

Candidates must submit a copy of their Secondary School Diploma (OSSD, GED, or better), if this is not available they will be required to pass the Scholastic Level Exam (SLE).

Candidates must also submit a Pre-Admission Medical Report and Immunizations may be required for practicum.

Program Outline

Intro to Computers & Microsoft Office

This module will provide students with an overview of Microsoft Office and create skills that permit them to work with several MS modules as they relate specifically to project management. Students will develop skills in Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point, MS Project and Outlook.

Business Communications & Interpersonal Skills

This module will provide students with the tools to develop the business English and interpersonal communication skills necessary to function in the modern business setting. This module provides a review in English grammar, sentence structure and punctuation as they apply to business communication. Students will also learn effective interpersonal communication skills for managing personal and working with co-workers.

Introduction to Medical Office Assisting

This module provides students with the fundamentals of a Medical Office Assistant. Students will learn about the career opportunities, ethical and legal concepts, the history of medicine, patient education, nutrition, health promotion and an overview of Medical Office Assistant management responsibilities.

Medical Terminology, Body Systems & Disease

This module provides students with medical terminology and basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of body systems and their associated disorders. Topics covered include medical terminology, the 24 hour clock, normal body system structure and function, recognition of various homeostatic imbalances, common diseases and disorders. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of medical specialties such as pharmacology, oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine and psychiatry.

Administrative Skills & Procedures

This module provides students with the fundamentals of reception procedures, telephone techniques, appointment scheduling, filing reports, documentation, and medical records, and medical billing. Students will be introduced to medical office management software systems and the role of computers in medical practice. Students gain hands-on experience using practice management software. Students are also introduced to basic medical transcription procedures.

Clinical Skills & Procedures

This module provides students with the theory and practice of the clinical procedures that medical assistants perform in a medical office. Students will learn asepsis, infection control, patient assessment, vital signs, assisting with primary physical examinations, review of pharmacology and medications. Students will also learn to assist with specialty examinations, and understanding diagnostic procedures.

Medical Emergencies

This module provides students with a certification in Emergency First Aid and Basic Rescuer (Level C) CPR. Modules are taught by WSIB authorized providers.

Job Search, Interview Skills & Resume Writing

This module will provide students with the skills to prepare for employment, research employment opportunities within their field of study and be successful in their future career. Some of the topics included will be the preparation of a resume, interview and cover letter.


Students will complete a 100 hour clinical work placement under the direct supervision of a Medical Doctor. Sites include hospitals, physiotherapy/sports medicine, rehab centres, LTC facilities, and other agencies.

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