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PSW Jobs Windsor | Ontario’s Plan for Personal Support Workers


PSW Jobs Windsor | Ontario’s Plan for Personal Support Workers

The need for community care workers is expected to double in the next decade, with job opportunities in demand over the next three years. In Ontario, Personal Support Workers (PSWs) provide a great deal of the direct care services provided in peoples’ homes, and in long-term care settings. The employment outlook will be good for home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations in Ontario for the 2018-2020 period and extended.

Growing Demand for PSWs

Canada is aging. According to Stats Canada, nearly 6-million Canadians are over 65 and more of them are choosing to stay in their own homes. Subsequently, the number of Canadians receiving some kind of home-based health care is growing, representing about 8% of Canada’s population. With the national population aging rapidly, it places a serious strain on home care providers and personal support workers who are struggling to meet the growing demand. In fact, several initiatives in Ontario have been aimed at increasing awareness of the need for qualified home care workers, which has led to wages for PSWs in the province to increase.

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Personal Support Workers in Ontario

Add Meaning and Stability to Your Future by Becoming a Professional Caregiver.

Canadian College offers a short PSW program that enables driven and compassionate candidates like you to begin health care careers that are brimming with purpose. Working in this field puts you in a position to make positive impacts in the lives of others every day while reaping some truly distinctive benefits yourself.

Personal support workers (PSWs), also known as health care aides or assistants, allow those who are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or dealing with other physical limitations to experience greater well-being and peace of mind. Furthermore, they help relieve some of the burden experienced by families and friends of the sick or disabled. By providing personal care at home or in supportive housing facilities, they make life better for all kinds of clients in need. Does this sound like a career choice for you?

Begin a meaningful career as a PSW

Working & Training for PSWs

If you pursue PSW training, you’ll also gain the expertise required for several other roles. When working with patients, PSWs follow a wide range of individual care plans. Most daily responsibilities include providing assistance with personal hygiene, mobility, meal preparation, and light cleaning. In this role, you’ll also be required to monitor patients to ensure that they take their medications on time and that their immediate environment is safe.

A good PSW course teaches students about several restorative and activation exercises that they can use with bedridden patients. This will increase their range of mobility and improve circulation. The ultimate goal of working as a PSW is to give patients the support they need to live as independently as possible.

The skills you’ll develop in your personal support worker program will be useful in assisting these patients with daily living, but what’s perhaps most important is the companionship you’ll provide. Some patients receive very few visits from their family members—or none at all—while they are in palliative care, so a comforting presence can make all the difference in their quality of life.

Are you interested in pursuing personal support worker training in Windsor?

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