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Top Solar Energy Trends to Watch in 2016

Top Solar Energy Trends to Watch in 2016 For Photovoltaic Solar Systems Technicians

It’s estimated that more than half of Canada’s residential electricity requirements could easily be met with the installation of solar panels, and as more people become aware of this, the demand for professionals who can install them will continue to grow.

Canada is a world leader when it comes to the production and use of renewable energy sources, which currently provide us with almost 20 per cent of our total primary energy supply. A wide range of energy-producing technologies and equipment have been developed over time to make natural resources useable, and solar power happens to be the fastest-growing source of electricity in the country.

If you’re planning to pursue a career as a photovoltaic solar systems technician, read on to learn about some of the latest solar energy trends, and get a clear picture of what’s going on in the industry!

Pros with Photovoltaic Solar Systems Technician Training will Have More Options to Offer

As the solar panel industry continues its growth and new companies are established, solar panel customers will have more equipment, ownership, and financing options than ever before. While this is good news for the industry, and students pursuing photovoltaic solar systems technician training, it could be somewhat confusing for potential buyers. That’s why it’s important for photovoltaic solar systems professionals to carefully explain all aspects of the technology to potential buyers.

When homeowners or business owners make the decision to switch to solar power, it’s important that they’re made aware of the options available to them. This way, they can choose the best solution for their needs. Once you become a photovoltaic solar systems technician, it will be your responsibility to work with customers and salespeople and make sure consumers are getting the most out of their switch to solar panels. This includes considering the size and the amount of panels they need, as well as the optimal panel placement set-up on installations.

Pros with Photovoltaic Solar Systems Technician Training Will Install Improved Panels

Students enrolled in a photovoltaic solar systems technician course know that innovations in the solar energy research industry allow for more advanced solar technologies to emerge. In fact, throughout the years, panels have become lighter, more efficient, and less expensive. And with the solar industry continuing its growth into 2016, it’s no surprise that we’ll see even more improvements in panel technology.

For instance, a new material called perovskite is currently being used for the latest generation of solar panels. This material is thinner, is approximately 40 per cent less expensive than other materials, and is 50 per cent more efficient than its competitors. Panels made of perovskite also function in various conditions, rather than only in direct sunlight. By the time you launch your career, you could be installing thinner, lightweight panels without having to worry about placement, since they’ll work in several light conditions.

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