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Reasons To Study Massage Therapy At Canadian College In Windsor

One Of Windsor’s Fastest Growing Careers!

One of the fastest growing career fields in Canada, and particularly in the Windsor area, is the Registered Massage Therapy Program (RMT) offered at Canadian College. Currently, it is the highest accepted and respected health profession with over 80 different types of specializations possible to pursue. Jobs for a career in massage therapy in Windsor Ontario are showing a rapid increase than all other occupations. From 2016-2026, employment in massage therapy is expected to increase by 27% across Ontario in comparison to 7% increase in other occupations.

On average, RMT’s can make up to $76/hour and benefit from flexible work schedules. Furthermore, therapists who are self-employed and have a growing client base can increase client fees to help grow their own income. Within this program, you can further specialize in many different types of fields, including manual osteopathy, acupuncture, nutrition etc. The opportunities for advancement in the workplace are endless and are continuing to grow. If you are curious to learn why so many people are pursuing massage therapy as a second career, read further!

Why Should I Become A Massage Therapist?

Do you enjoy helping others overcome chronic pain? Have you ever wanted to aid clients with recovery from injuries and illness? Do you want to help others reduce stress while staying proactive in healthcare and wellness? The increased demand for health care combined with retirements in the field is creating what’s been called a “silver tsunami” in the Windsor-Essex area. Almost half, if not more, of all massage therapy jobs in Canada, come from the health care industry. Thus, there could not be a better time to begin massage therapy training here in Windsor.

Find employment in the following work settings:

  • Massage therapy clinics
  • Chiropractors offices
  • Doctors offices
  • Holistic health clinics
  • Health clubs
  • Fitness centers
  • Spas
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Sport medicine facilities
  • Sports franchises
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Cruise ships

And the list goes on…

What Does The Lifestyle Of A Massage Therapist Look Like?

Choosing a career as an RMT is a job that offers many appealing benefits:

A quick way to jumpstart your career: 

Imagine yourself establishing a satisfying new career in under two years. Are you partway down a job path that just doesn’t suit you? Or maybe at a point in life looking for a clearer direction? Consider massage therapy as an accessible way to start a new life course. You won’t have to spend year after year in a classroom to obtain a degree that may or may not guarantee you employment upon graduation. Instead, you can complete training to become a massage therapist at Canadian College in only 18 months. In addition, 90% of our students find employment upon graduation.

A professional opportunity that focuses on helping others:

Massage gives you the opportunity to make a direct impact on the health and wellness of the individuals you encounter daily. In addition, massage makes people feel good, so your patients will look forward to seeing you at their appointments. In turn, this will make a huge impact on how you feel going to work each day. As a result, you will also gain the satisfaction of helping others overcome injuries and manage their symptoms of medical conditions. At the same time, you will help reduce stress and improve the individual’s wellbeing. If you yearn for a career that helps people and offers a great quality of life, massage makes a great fit.

Flexible scheduling and a variety of work environments all around the world!

As a massage therapist, you can set your own schedule, whether you want to work part-time or non-business hours. This allows you to juggle with personal time, family, other professional pursuits or hobbies. The best part is, you can also choose from a variety of work environments, including traveling the world! Most common settings would also include medical centers, resorts, spas, or even a studio in your own home. No matter what specific setting you end up choosing, you are likely to find yourself at work in a relaxing environment. Who doesn’t enjoy a place characterized by appealing elements like soft music, soothing smells, and warm linens?

A career that keeps you active :

If you love the idea of a job that gets you on your feet and engages your entire body, massage makes a great option. Most massage therapists stay in great shape because they lead an active lifestyle, including while they’re working.  Moreover, helping others achieve their optimal wellness contributes to your own health!

Job security:

Not only can you take your skills to a variety of geographic locations and environments, but you can also count on a continuing and growing demand for the service. If you want to make a sure bet on a great career for providing for yourself or your family in the long-term, consider massage therapy.

Randi Field [Graduate/RMT]

Why wait? Classes begin in May and September!

Are you looking for massage therapy courses in Windsor that provide hands-on training and comprehensive support? Why choose any other local competitor when you can choose a future with Canadian College? Join the thousands and thousands of RMT Graduates at CCHST and find out why our students are in clear demand upon graduation. Watch our testimonial videos and  Contact us today to find out more information!

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