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Say GoodBye To Textbooks!


Canadian College of Health Science and Technology Says “Goodbye” to Textbooks

Windsor, ON – Aug. 13th, 2012 – Windsor’s Canadian College of Health Science and Technology (CCHST) is incorporating new education technology this fall. CCHST has chosen an environmentally responsible approach to its education delivery and is determined to reduce paper consumption. Each student and instructor in CCHST’s Massage & Hydrotherapy program will be given a netbook instead of textbooks this September. The netbook will also be the single source of all tests, quizzes, and study materials.
With last year’s introduction of the Solar Photovoltaic Technician program to CCHST’s list of programs, the school has taken yet another influential step towards becoming an environmentally conscious source of education. Canadian College has accomplished this by replacing all learning and testing materials that were normally printed on paper with electronic netbooks. CCHST has begun this green initiative with its largest program – the Massage & Hydrotherapy program – but expects to have each of its programs (such as Physiotherapy Assistant, Personal Support Worker, Accounting & Payroll Administrator) using netbooks in the near future.
Canadian College has teamed up with Evolve – an online learning solution that corresponds with school text books and expands on learning topics by using a vast amount of supporting resources. With Evolve, students and instructors will be equipped with WebLinks, Tip Sheets, Checklists, Test Banks, PowerPoint Slides, Image Collections, Instructor’s Manuals, Teaching Tips, FAQ’s, and more. All of this will be provided on netbooks, which will be given to each massage therapy student upon entering the program in September.
Implementing Evolve into the Massage Therapy curriculum will not only benefit the Earth by reducing the school’s paper usage, but will also benefit the students and instructors of Canadian College. The netbooks weigh far less than a massage student’s average stack of textbooks and course notes. As well, the netbooks will offer advantages when students are attempting to learn complicated concepts since the netbook delivers numerous layers of information and thorough details on every topic.
CCHST says “Goodbye” to Textbooks

When asked about the advantages that netbooks have to offer Canadian College students, Admissions Officer

Chris Mingay stated: “Evolve offers a flexible alternative learning solution for all learning styles. By breaking out of the textbook mold and presenting information in a more visual, dynamic, and social way, netbooks will help students reach their full potential here at Canadian College.”

Those interested in participating in this unique style of learning, or those who would like more information about the programs should contact Canadian College of Health Science and Technology at (519) 977-1222 or at .
Locally owned and operated, Canadian College has been delivering post secondary education to the South Western Ontario region for over 30 years. Canadian College is a Private Career College (PCC) registered under the PCCA 2005, issued by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MCTU) and is a member of the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC). Programs at Canadian College support health care, information (IT) and green energy sectors.


If you would like additional information about the school or program, please do not hesitate to call Jacklyn Bezaire at (519) 977-1222 or e-mail Jacklyn at .

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