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Southwestern Ontario Job Market – Most Popular Careers For The Future

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Nobody wants to find just any job. Above all, nobody wants to settle for just any career. When it comes down to their own future, people want to explore careers that are in-demand. Likewise, people want to explore fields that have greater potential for job security. Therefore, researching high-demand jobs is a good move for anyone trying to decide on a career path. After all, if you look up careers in-demand in 2019 you will find one that draws on your interests. As a result, your future could be much more rewarding and one of unlimited potential. So, finding the right career should be very important to you.

Most of the in-demand jobs in Canada over the next five years offer great earning opportunities. Overall, employers need to attract and retain quality workers due to anticipated labor shortages. Also, with growing retirement rates expected among the baby boomer generation (i.e., among people born between 1946 and 1965), now is an excellent time for one to set out on a new career path. Thus, with the number of opportunities available out there, what types of workers does the economy need most? Randstad Canada, one of the largest staffing agencies in the country, combed through its own data to see which occupations top the “most wanted” list this year.

Emerging Jobs On The Rise

So, what jobs are in most popular demand, you ask? After some research, we found some of the top jobs in overall demand based on the largest occupational change. Rather, the largest number of projected new job openings across Southwestern Ontario. Firstly, before you can launch yourself into any career, you need to have the appropriate training. Hence, where can you find the correct training that is both affordable and convenient for your busy schedule? Also, is there a local institution around you? Lastly, will this job contribute to the overall happiness of your future?

If you are located in Windsor, Ontario, Canadian College of Health Science and Technology provides the appropriate career programs and opportunities centered on specific career fields. In addition, the college provides placement training, as they are aware of the importance of real-world experience for today’s students. Furthermore, studies show that today’s job demands need to focus on gaining a practical education for job security. Above all, the Windsor campus offers its students an education in areas where they are likely to find work. Hence, whether accounting, technology, or healthcare, Canadian College helps prepare its students for the jobs of tomorrow. Below is the employment increase and decrease by occupation within specific fields from February 2018 of last year:

Ontario employment change by occupation (Feb. 2018-2019)

Great Careers In Demand Across Canada:

From the occupations listed above, Canadian College offers programs within these highlighted fields of work. Thus, you can expect to find work in jobs that relate to these specific areas. For example, an Addictions and Mental Health Worker can find themselves working as assistants with Psychologists inside clinics. In addition, Medical Office Assistants may play a big part in the Practitioner or Veterinary Offices. Furthermore, Personal Support Workers will work alongside registered nurses or licensed practical nurses since they play a vital role in the health care sector. Lastly, Pharmacy Assistants can be found all across Ontario working with Pharmacists inside drug stores, hospitals or other health care settings.  Overall, there is a program out there for you that falls within any field of interest. For many of the careers listed above, you may be surprised at how quickly you can complete your training.

Ontario Labour Market

If you are a student or job-seeker, the labor market information can help you identify career paths. Furthermore, this information is catered to suit your skills and interests. In addition, they seek which jobs have the best outlooks and find where the jobs are (sectors, occupations, and locations). Likewise, they can help you find out what skills are in demand with real-time information on job postings, and the employment requirements for a particular type of job. Thus, you can research and compare jobs that are in high-demand in order to make the appropriate decision for your future.

Canadian College Programs

Below is an outlook of occupations that the Ontario Labour Market is projecting to grow within the next five years. Overall, the information comes from a variety of sources including the Ministry of Training, Colleges, Universities, and Statistics Canada. In addition, other federal and provincial ministries, related associations and licensing bodies, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system, and labor market data subscription services. Furthermore, the average salaries are found through https://ca.indeed.com/. Similarly, it helps break down hourly wages per occupation, while showing relatable jobs within the same field.


Annual Income Growth Rate Total Openings
Accounting and Related Clerk $45,650 <=0% 6,001 – 7,000
Accounting Technician and Bookkeepers $45,226 2.1 – 3% 8,001 – 9,000
Massage Therapist $58,500 11.1 – 12% 2,001 – 3,000
Medical Administrative Assistants $45,125 0.1% – 1% 2,001 – 3,000
Physiotherapists $73,170 11.1% – 12%

2,001 – 3,000

Canadian College offers ALL the programs listed above. Additionally, the college offers a variety of programs across the Business, Health Care and Technology sectors. As a result, these programs cater to the changing landscape of Windsor’s economy. And, as of lately, can play major importance for the future of those living in the city of Windsor. Below is a full list of programs offered at the college:

  • Accounting Administrator
  • Addictions and Mental Health Worker
  • Business Administration and Project Management
  • Community Service Worker
  • Continuing Education
  • Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Massage & Hydrotherapy
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Office Administration
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Physiotherapy Assistant
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems Technician
  • Technical Support Analyst

If the predictions of future unemployment remain true, there still remains much hope for job openings in other sectors. Ultimately, having a background in these fields can create better job opportunities for a more stable future. For more information about the latest programs offered and its contents visit https://www.cchst.net/career-programs/

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