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medical office assistant program

A Student’s Life Is Full Of Challenges

Through Ups And Downs, It Is Important To Not Let Disappointment Set You Off Course. As Canadians, we truly understand the value of having a post-secondary education. However, as evidenced by more students enrolling than ever…

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Canadian College – Things To Consider Over March Break

Why March Break Can Be Healthy! The arrival of the March break is always an eager part of the school year – for students and teachers. Have you ever heard the saying “absence makes the…

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It’s All About Balance…School-Work-Life-Career

The Balance Between Career College, Work, and Personal Life Creating a balance with school-work-life can be very challenging for many people. For college students, a lack of life balance can become overwhelming if healthy living…

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Canadian College S.M.A.R.T. Goal Tips for Term 1

Back to School Basics in 2019 – Setting Goals to Survive Private Career College in Canada “Goals can be highly motivational, but only when they are S.M.A.R.T” You did it! You made it a goal…

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3 Interview Questions to Prepare for After Medical Office Assistant Training

3 Interview Questions to Prepare for After Graduating From Medical Office Assistant Training In Windsor, Ontario An aging population indicates the need for more doctors, and an increase of doctors implies that there will be…

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How Windsor’s Boomer Population May Impact Grads of Medical Office Assistant Training

How Windsor’s Boomer Population May Impact Medical Office Assistant Grads The population in Canada has been steadily getting older every year, with millennials slowly overtaking baby boomers in the workforce. These boomers, formerly the backbone of…

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Scheduling Appointments: 4 Effective Tips for Medical Office Assistant Students

4 Effective Scheduling Tips for Students in Medical Office Assistant Training Scheduling appointments is among a medical office assistant’s most important responsibilities. When appointment scheduling goes wrong in a medical office, it can cause mishaps…

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