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Why the Best Physiotherapy Assistant Training Includes Internship Placements

3 Reasons Why The Best Physical Therapy Assistant Training Includes Internships

Physiotherapy assistant is a hands-on career in more ways than one. Through both clerical and clinical tasks, this career involves supporting the work of physiotherapists in modern medical environments, where clients are helped on their paths towards optimal physical health.

If you’re organized, motivated, and passionate about helping others achieve their best health, this is a rewarding career path for you. The right training can help position you for the lasting job security and meaningful employment you deserve.

An integral part of this training process is an internship placement. That’s why the Physiotherapy Assistant program at Canadian College includes a 200 hour clinical placement within a physiotherapy environment.

Read on to learn why internships are essential to today’s top physiotherapy assistant training programs.

1. Compliment Your Physical Therapy Assistant Training with Work in the Field

Great physiotherapy assistant programs like that at Canadian College give you in-class access to certified instructors who will teach you the ins and outs of what it takes to work in a modern acute care facility, community hospital, rehabilitation centre, long-term care facility, private practice, and more.

While your in-class studies are a valuable part of your training, a physiotherapy assistant student wouldn’t be properly trained without opportunities to put this knowledge into practice.

“Internships are one of the best learning experiences you get,” says physiotherapy graduate Bridget Coghlan McMillon. “I believe these interactions break up the monotony of class and ground you in the more personal aspects of PT.”

2. Practice Forming Meaningful Connections with Real-World Patients

A good physiotherapy assistant acts as the face of his or her workplace, booking appointments, greeting guests, and ensuring everyone (both clients and physiotherapists) have what they need to work effectively and comfortably.

Dr. Nora Francis, physiotherapist and human movement scientist, says people working in the physio field are “uniquely permitted to share seminal moments of patients’ lives – when they are most vulnerable.” She says internships are a great place to practice and perfect these important people skills.

3. Earn the Experience Physical Therapy Assistant Employers Are Looking For

A staggering 95 per cent of employers said candidate experience is a factor in hiring decisions, according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Internship experience gives you an edge on the competitive employment scene.

By pursuing an internship as part of your physiotherapy assistant training, you also open the door for potential employment at your particular placement site. While not all internships end in employment, many employers look to their own experienced interns when paid positions become available in their offices instead of looking elsewhere. They know that their interns have skills and firsthand experience they can trust.

4. Launch a Physiotherapy Career on the Right Foot, Motivated to Succeed

With your physiotherapy assistant diploma you’ll be eligible for employment in any modern physiotherapy office or facility. But it takes more than a solid skillset to position you for success in this field—you’ll need motivation and determination to carry you forward.

By ending your training with an internship placement, you’ll be prepared to launch your career with experience and inspiration you’ve gleaned from seeing how meaningful your career can be. Working hands-on with real clients and professionals will give you opportunities to get to know why the job you chose is so meaningful.

“Ask them about their story,” suggests Bridget. “That will remind you of why you are pursuing this profession.”

With a solid foundation of in-class and experiential knowledge, along with the motivation and confidence that comes from knowing the value of your work, nothing can stop you from achieving your career goals.

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