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Windsor’s Tough Economy: Job Security With Second Career Education

How Canadian College Graduates Find Jobs in Tough Economy

Windsor Ontario makes job searching difficult. And, unemployment is a real concern for many people. Fear continues to affect many university and college graduates. Without practical skills training, grads find themselves underemployed and in debt. Similarly, individuals recently laid off from full-time or part-time work are becoming extremely worried about their future. While possessing valuable years of real-world experience, investing in a new career path may cause some stress or uncertainty. So what does the future entail for those left without a stable income?

In Windsor’s tough economy, jobs are being cut. However, choosing to return to college for a second career can be a forthcoming decision. And, in the long run, may benefit one with job stability. In addition, it can help one live and maintain a flexible life. Studies today prove that job demands draw a focus on practical education. In particular, an education that prepares individuals to work in areas where there are shortages. For example, professions in healthcare, business, and technology are industries where education is in need of employment. Essentially, these sectors are in demand and the hope for a more stable future.

Canadian College, located in Windsor, ON, provides programs to match the demands of our community. More importantly, each program caters to the changing landscape of our economy. Through current strategies, the college provides an outlook on the latest abilities employers are seeking. And, provides students with the necessary skills training needed to help fulfill these jobs. With the increase in unemployment rates daunting many, there is still much hope for everyone in today’s future!

Most In-Demand Jobs 2019

Skilled talents and diversity play an advantage in Ontario’s job economy. No matter what strengths you possess, there is a booming sector where your expertise can be put to good use. According to Randstad, a staffing and human resources firm, there are administrative roles employers are seeking. For example, receptionists, administrative assistants, general laborers, and welders. Furthermore, professional roles such as project managers, accountants, and HR manager positions are what current employers are chasing.

“The great thing about the list is the amount of diversity we see”, Carolyn Levy, the president of Randstad’s technologies division, told CTVNews.ca. “That reflects really well on the economy”.

Six of the top 15 jobs are unchanged from those on a list released in 2018. These jobs include sales associate, administrative assistant, receptionist, general laborer, account manager, and accountants. In addition, there is a desperate need for positions in the health care sector, due in large part by the aging of Ontario’s population. Therefore, personal support workers and nursing positions will play a much higher mandate in Ontario’s upcoming future.

Canadian College Has Proven Programs In Demand!

Canadian College of Health Science & Technology understands the importance of real-world training for future employment. The college offers its students practical education with resources in areas where they are likely to find work. Whether business, technology, or healthcare, Canadian College helps prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

  • Massage & Hydrotherapy continues to be one of the fastest growing careers in healthcare. This field is projecting to grow 26% up to 2026.
  • Medical Office Assistants are necessary to make up for the rise in healthcare needs and for future growth.
  • Office Administration is a growing career known for its role in organizing a successful business.
  • Personal Support Workers play a vital part in today’s healthcare system. More importantly, they are one of the most crucial providers of patient care.
  • Accountants are money experts for both individual and corporations. They oversee budgets, spending, specialize in payroll, accounts payable/receivable, taxation, government, and auditing.
  • And More

All programs running at Canadian College provide job placement services for real-world experience. Through continuous support from instructors and staff, our graduates become fully prepared to succeed in their specific field.

College Graduates in Ontario Still Finding Jobs

Recent data shows that 83.6 percent of college graduates find employment within six months of graduation. In addition, the same data reveals that 93.4 percent of employers indicate medium to high satisfaction rates with the graduates employed.

These numbers are based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data for the province’s colleges. “There is a big demand for skilled employees in this new economy. It is more important than ever to produce increasing numbers of highly qualified college graduates”, said Linda Franklin, president, and CEO of Colleges Ontario.

Moving forward, a diploma is poised to grow from an asset to a necessity. Experts project that more than 700,000 Ontarians will be unemployable by 2021 due to insufficient education and skills. “College education will be central to Ontario’s efforts to close the skills gap,” said Franklin. “More students must get access to colleges’ and career-focused programs as part of their higher education.”

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